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Respect for the local culture is our first priority, when considering our itineraries and workshops.  With over 31 years experience working directly with indigenous artists between Canada and Mexico, we are dedicated to respecting local traditions and customs, with special consideration for indigenous narratives.



We research our tour destinations in person, before taking you with us.  Our team is well travelled in Mexico, with each team member contributing something unique to your experience.  Our knowledge is well-rounded, so if you are fascinating by history, archaeology, or local flora and fauna, we have guides ready to take you for a special experience.  We work with two scientists, a bird expert, historian, cultural expert, indigenous chef and art dealer.  This means we can cover a plethora of subjects, based on your interests.   


Our team members are fairly compensated for their work, and we encourage guests to tip for a job well done.  We do not barter with artists, or negotiate with guides to lower their prices.  We have a strong grasp of what things cost, with regards to gas, tolls, and vehicle maintenance, and if guests are concerned about the prices in art markets or studios, we will assist you and can explain the price.  While a thing of the past, bartering in our region is very uncommon today.  





We always travel with a basic First Aid kit, and do not over-work our drivers.  While some agencies have demanding commutes of 14 to 16 hours in one day, including over-night transport to save time with morning pick-ups, our longest tour (to the butterfly reserve) is no longer than 10 hours.  (We also offer overnight experiences for our butterfly visits).   




We continue to develop our educational lectures and tours by working with academics and local experts.  Our popular butterfly experiences include a fascinating lecture and tour, both of which raise funds for science research in the sanctuaries.  We offer tours with a doctoral student who has an impressive passion for identifying endemic and migratory birds, and who has a deep understanding of geology, making an excursion to Paricutin Volcano an amazing experience.  We also work with an incredibly passionate guide and cultural expert who offers a wonderful lecture about Dia de Muertos, and we continue to develop new subjects about local cuisine, trade history, archaeology and other subjects.  


Whether you're having your face painted for our annual Fiesta de las Catrinas, or participating in a cooking class, art workshop, mezcal tasting, or picnic and wine in the park - we love to have fun!  Our extended tours include extra details, such as a fun party with live entertainment, local wine and mezcal, and exquisite food.  One of our new additions in 2022 is A Fiesta for Frida, which is a dinner party comprised of her own recipes, to celebrate her birthday.  We are also currently organizing our second project with an installation artist, who is creating something hysterical for locals and foreigners alike.


Though travel itself creates a large footprint, we work hard to curb unnecessary waste during our tours.  For example, all gifts & door prizes are made by local artisans, rather than by machines in factories.  We have a collection of dishes and cutlery for our picnics, rather than using paper or single-use plastics.  We create our own delicious dips and tapenade for our picnics, rather than purchasing ready-made in disposable plastics.  We travel with large garafons of water, which can be recycled, and urge our guests to bring along a travel mug and water bottle, to decrease waste.  Our "Hope for the Monarchs" butterfly tours raise money for scientific research in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries.





We work hard to give back to our local community, and encourage guests to participate while you are here.  To date, we have raised over $42,000 MXN for science research in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, and close to $50,000 MXN for our local care centers for foster children.  We work with Hogar Irekani Orphanage in Morelia and Casa Fenix Orphanage in Patzcuaro.  We look forward to developing new ways to increase our annual contributions once Covid has passed, by including guests who are interested in volunteering for a half-day while here, making Christmas ornaments with the kids (all sales help pay for their Christmas party) or helping the cooks make lunch, etc.  Please contact us if this interests you.




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