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Embroidery of Teofila Servin, Sanabria,


Spend the day in the small village of Sanabria, learning embroidery stitches with award winning artist, Teofila Servin Barriga.  This class is an introduction to why textiles are such a time consuming art form, given the time taken to master thread tension and consistent stitches, let alone to create exquisite patterns and designs. 


Our workshops are priced depending on your group size and needs.  Services available include:

  • Return Transportation from Morelia or Lake Patzcuaro region

  • Spanish / English Translator

  • Catered lunch with picnic dishes, glasses and a cooler with ice

  • Assistance with accommodations & other activities  


This class is open for only 6 guests currently, due to Covid restrictions.  If your group has more than 6 interested in this class, please contact us for more options. 

Embroidery of Teofila Servin, Sanabria,


Born on July 20, 1966 in the small Michoacan village of Tzintzuntzan, Teofila Servin grew up watching her mother embroider.  Though she began to learn basic stitches as a child, it wasn't until she was 16 that she began to create more complicated pieces.


Working behind the scenes, it is Teofila's husband who has created the countless designs she then embroiders onto various canvases.  Teo creates small and large pieces, from napkins and tea towels, patches and pillowcases to purses, blouses, pictures, rebozos and large-scale wall hangings. 

38 year later, Teofila has shown her work in international textile exhibitions in Mexico and the US, has won over 60 awards, and has sold to private collectors from around the world.

If you are interested in pieces by this artist, please contact us for more information - or book at tour to visit her in Sanabria, Michoacan Mexico.