Michoacan Highlands, Mexico

Tour Introduction

April 8-18, 2022

10 Nights / 11 Days

One of the most fantastic times to visit the Lake Patzcuaro region of Michoacan is during Domingo de Ramos & Semana Santa Celebrations.  If you love culture, local cuisine, handicrafts and textiles, we invite you to join us for this mesmerizing experience.

Unlike tours that have guests hopping from one hotel to the next, we have organized this experience with a more relaxed approach.  We will meet in Uruapan, where we will stay for three nights to have an authentic experience in a city that is frequented by few foreigners.  From there, our experience will move to Pueblo Magico Patzcuaro for a week of activities and explorations around the Lake Patzcuaro region.  

We can custom design a tour for you and your group, if you prefer a private tour.  Please contact us for more information!

Tour Overview


Day One:  Friday April 8, 2022 - Uruapan

Arrive in Uruapan - Welcome Party

Day Two:  Saturday April 9, 2022 - Uruapan

Uruapan & Domingo de Ramos Parade


Day Three:  Sunday April 10, 2022 - Uruapan

San Juan Parangaricutiro & Angahuan


Day Four:  Monday April 11, 2022 - Patzcuaro 

Paracho & Cheran


Day Five:  Tuesday April 12, 2022 - Patzcuaro

Mezcal Tasting & Cooking Class


Day Six:  Wednesday April 13, 2022 - Patzcuaro 

Lake Patzcuaro Tour Part One


Day Seven:  Thursday April 14, 2022 - Patzuaro  

Walking Tour of Patzcuaro & Island of Janitzio


Day Eight:  Friday April 15, 2022 - Patzcuaro 

Santa Clara Del Cobre & Good Friday Celebrations


Day Nine:  Saturday April 16, 2022 - Patzuaro

Lake Patzcuaro Tour Part Two


Day Ten:  Sunday April 17, 2022 - Patzcuaro

Champagne Brunch and Free Day


Day Eleven:  Monday April 18, 2022 - Home

Departure Day   

Domingo de Ramos, Uruapan Michoacan Mexi
Uruapan Jan 2019 (32).JPG




quick facts

State:  Michoacan, Mexico
Location:  Western Michoacan / P'urepecha Plateau
Altitude:  1620 Meters / 5315 Feet
Founded:  1533 by Fray Juan de San Miguel
Economy:  Agriculture includes coffee, grains, sugarcane, avocado and other fruits
Population:  264,439 (2010)
Name:  Uruapani is the P'urepecha word for "Where Flowers Abound"
Uruapan National Park (3).JPG


Arrive in Uruapan by 5:30 PM for hotel check-in and our orientation/welcome dinner. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help with your route of arrival. Guests may be arriving from Mexico City, Guadalajara or Morelia airports, or from various nearby cities and beach areas via bus. If you prefer private transport from a nearby destination, our guides can pick you up in various locations including Ajijic, Guadalajara, Guanajuato City, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Lake Chapala, Leon, Morelia, Patzcuaro, San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro. Please contact us for more information.

Dinner Time: 6:30PM

Dinner is included

Beverages are Separate

Uruapan Jan 2019 (25).JPG
P URUAPAN FAIR DSC_0076 March 19, 2016 (


This morning we will meet for breakfast by 8:30 AM, then head for the central plaza area of Uruapan’s historical centre to secure seats for the annual Domingo de Ramos Parade. Starting in 1940, this parade has been a long-standing tradition for indigenous artisans from the Highlands of Michoacan. Each participating village carries a sign with the name of their town, and bring an abundance of vibrant colour, music, traditional dances and good cheer. One of our favourite features of this parade, are artisans dancing their art pieces as they move through the enchanted crowds.


As we cannot guarantee the timing of the parade, we will plan lunch according to group consensus. This afternoon also includes a guided tour through the art market, so guests can learn about the various art mediums on offer.

Breakfast Time: 8:30 AM

Tour Duration: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Dinner Time: 6:30 PM

Breakfast & Dinner included

Beverages are Separate

Hernandez Family from Zinapecuaro


This morning we will meet in the lobby by 7:45 AM for transport to the Cupatitzio National Forest for breakfast. Following breakfast, we will follow the Cupatitzio River along the meandering, cobblestone pathways of this lush and magical place. At 11 AM, we will depart Uruapan for the church ruins at San Juan Parangaricutiro. Guests can either walk or horseback ride the wide path to the church, where we can enjoy time to explore the ruins and enjoy some traditional P’urepecha cuisine on-site.

Returning to the parking lot around 3:00 PM, we will now visit a very traditional P’urepecha village called Angahuan. The church will be ornamented with flowers and it’s possible we may see some festivities or interesting activities taking place in the plaza. We will return to Uruapan on time for dinner.

Breakfast Time: 7:45 AM

Tour Duration: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Dinner Time: 6:30 PM

Breakfast, Dinner & all Entrance Fees included

Beverages are Separate

San Juan Parangaricutiro
Cheran Mural.JPG


This morning we will meet in the lobby by 8:00 AM for check-out and breakfast before departing Uruapan for the famous instrument town of Paracho. We will browse through instrument galleries and craft stores in this quaint town, which was just recently added to Mexico’s list of Pueblo Magico’s. From Paracho, we will have lunch before heading to the town of Cheran, famed for her murals and most importantly, her women’s resistance that resulted in a system of self-governance. Here we will enjoy a walking tour before heading to our hotel in Patzcuaro.

Breakfast Time: 8:00 AM

Tour Duration: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dinner Time: 6:30 PM

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Beverages are Separate

Patzcuaro 2016 (1).JPG




quick facts

State:  Michoacan, Mexico
Location:  Western Michoacan / P'urepecha Plateau
Altitude:  2140 Meters / 7021 Feet
Founded:  1320's by P'urepecha Culture
Economy:  Tourism and some Agriculture
Seat Population:  51 124 (2005)
Name:  There are several translations, including Phascuaro (Place Dyed Black), Patatzecuaro (Place of Foundations), and Petatzimícuaro (Place of Bullrushes).  Other translations include "Happy Place" and "Seat of Temples."
Patzcuaro 2016 (3).JPG
Mezcaleria San Miguel de Patzcuaro 3.jpg


This morning we will meet in the lobby by 9:00 AM for a leisurely breakfast. At 10:45 we will head down to Plaza Chica with Samantha Lopez of Santo Huacal for a market shopping tour for today’s cooking class. Following our cooking class, we will slowly make our way to Mezcaleria San Miguel, owned by Mezcal expert & producer Omar Alejandre Reyes. Guests have a choice of sampling the house Mezcal, local beer or wine. Our tastings will be served with a rich meat and cheese charcuterie platter for lunch.

We will head to Santo Huacal by 2:30 PM to begin our cooking class. We will be learning to make a simple chicken mole dish and a chocolate chili cake, which will be enjoyed upon completion with live (mellow) entertainment.

Breakfast Time: 9:00 AM

Tour / Class Duration: 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Dinner Time: 7:00 PM

Breakfast, Mezcal/Beer/Wine Tasting, Charcuterie,

Cooking Class & Dinner Included

2 Beverages included with Dinner

All other Beverages are separate

Entertainment is paid, but tips are always encouraged


Juan Torres - La Catrina - Capula, Micho


This morning we will meet in the lobby by 8:00 AM for breakfast. Our tour today begins with a wonderful, small church in the village of Tupataro. From here, we will visit Juan Torres art studio and pottery collective in the quaint village of Capula. Our next stop will be at Chef Diego’s Los Molcajetes in the bustling town of Quiroga, where lunch is as interesting to watch being made as it is delicious to eat. After lunch, we will visit the Convent of Santa Ana and ancient P’urepecha capital of Tzintzuntzan. We will have time to discover the lovely markets of Tzintzuntzan before returning to Patzcuaro for dinner.

Breakfast Time: 8:00 AM

Tour Duration: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Dinner Time: 6:30 PM

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Included

Entrance to Tzintzuntzan Archaeological Site Included

Beverages are separate

Chef Diego of Los Molcajetes, Quiroga Mi
Tzintzuntzan Archaeological Site - Yacat
Isla de Janitzio (18).JPG


This morning we will meet in the lobby by 8:00 AM for breakfast. Head out on a walking tour of the beautiful Pueblo Magico of Patzcuaro. We will make our way from the Basilica to House of Eleven Patios, down through to Plaza Grande, concluding with lunch at the open market in Plaza Chica. Following lunch, we will head for the boat docks for a ride to Isla de Janitzio. A series of winding staircases, ornamented with handicrafts and souvenirs, this island is touristy, albeit, a fun and colourful place to visit that includes a lovely boat ride on Lake Patzcuaro. We will climb to the Morelos monument, and if guests are not too weary, the monument has a winding staircase inside that houses a collection of paintings about Morelos’ life. We will return to Patzcuaro for dinner.

Breakfast Time: 8:00 AM

Tour Duration: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Dinner Time: 6:30 PM

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Boat Ride to Janitzio Included

Beverages are separate


This morning we celebrate Good Friday with a champagne breakfast before departing for Pueblo Magico Santa Clara del Cobre for the morning. Here, we will tour a copper workshop and browse through the galleries in the historical plaza. We will depart Santa Clara del Cobre at 1 PM for lunch at Rancho la Mesa, which has stunning views of Lake Patzcuaro. We will return to Patzcuaro for an afternoon of rest and free time. Dinner will be scheduled once the Procession of Silence is announced. Please expect this to be a late evening, as the Procession of Silence is usually held around twilight. We will have snacks available to ward off hunger if dinner is late.

Breakfast Time: 8:00 AM

Tour Duration: 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Dinner Time: TBA

Champagne Breakfast includes 1 Beverage,

with the choice of Champagne, Mimosas  & Bailey's with Tea or Coffee.  All Other Beverages are separate

Dinner is Included - Beverages are separate

Copper Demonstration - Tips Encouraged

Santa Clara del Cobre (10).JPG
FB - Patzcuaro 2016 Semana Santa (5).jpg
Casa de la Santa Muerte (32).JPG


This morning we will meet for breakfast at 9:00 AM, departing for Santa Ana Chapitiro to visit Casa de la Santa Muerte. This fascinating temple has a misunderstood and controversial reputation, but has origins in the Roman Catholic Church. From here, we will stop to sample Pulque, which is an ancient indigenous drink derived from agave, much like tequila and mezcal. Arriving in Erongaricuaro, we will have lunch and explore the plaza before departing for Opongio, for some mezcal samples and tour of the distillery. We will enjoy stunning views of the lake as we make our way to Santa Fe de Laguna, where we will visit the plaza, church and first Pueblo Hospital of Don Vasco Quiroga, who was the first Bishop of Michoacan. Tonight we will stop in Tzintzuntzan for dinner at Las Yacatas before returning to Patzcuaro.

Breakfast Time: 9:00 AM

Tour Duration: 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Dinner Time: 5:30 PM

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Beverages are separate

Pulque & Mezcal Tasting Included

Santa Fe de Laguna January 2020 (1).JPG


As this is our last day, we have opted for breakfast followed by a fantastic Champagne Brunch from 11-2. Due to crowds, we do require guests to let us know what time you would like brunch so we can make your reservation. Other than today’s meals, guests have an entirely free day to browse the shops, read a book, organize luggage and otherwise unwind before the trek home. Tonight we will enjoy our last dinner party together.

Breakfast Time: 8:00 AM

Champagne Brunch: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Tour Duration: Free Day

Dinner Time: 6:30 PM

Breakfast & Dinner Included

Beverages are separate

Champagne Brunch includes 2 Beverages,

with the choice of Champagne, Mimosas  & Bailey's with Tea or Coffee.  All Other Beverages are separate

Patzcuaro 2016 (8).JPG
Patzcuaro 2016 (2).JPG


Please advise us of your travel plans for today so we can make arrangements for you.  If departing early in the morning, we can arrange for a breakfast to-go.  If you have a long day ahead, please advise us if you would like a bag lunch for your journey. 

Breakfast Included

Private Transport & bag lunch available

for additional cost

We hope you have had a fantastic stay with us, and that our paths will cross again.  Please do not hesitate to send us feedback for future tours, and post a review so future travelers can enjoy your insights and feedback.

Have a safe journey home!

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If you are booking this tour for a private group, you may request budget to luxury accommodations, as well as meal inclusions or exclusions.  We are flexible, as our priority is to make guests happy and comfortable. 


We choose comfortable accommodations that include a private bathroom.  All locations will be in the historical centre.  If you prefer to upgrade for luxury accommodations, please contact us ahead of time so we can quote you some options.


8 Breakfasts

2 Champagne Breakfasts

1 Champagne Brunch

2 lunches

10 Dinners

Meals do not include beverages unless otherwise noted


Taxi Transportation during tours is included

The majority of our transportation will be in a private van with professional guide


Entrance to San Juan Parangaricutiro*

Mezcal Tasting at Mezcaleria San Miguel

Cooking Class at Santo Huacal

Entrance to Tzintzuntzan Archaeological Site

Boat ride to Isla de Janitzio

Pulque Tasting in Santa Ana Chapitiro

Mezcal Tasting in Oponguio

*Please Note:  As not all guests will ride horses, we do not include horseback riding in your price.  The cost for horseback riding is approximately $100 MXN ($5 US) each way.



Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance & Suggestions 


After the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are sure most guests will be sure to purchase travel insurance.  Please check with your insurance company to ensure you are aware of what you are covered for.

To reserve your tour, we require a 50% deposit for confirmation.

Cancellations within 30 days of tour start-date are non-refundable.


Medical insurance is crucial for travel.  Some guests have been wary of sharing contact information for their insurance provider with us.  If that is the case, please leave this information with a trusted friend or family member we can reach in the case of an emergency.

We require emergency contact information for all guests


Travel with 2 pairs of comfortable shoes

Bring sunblock

Carry a refillable water bottle 

(or purchase a handmade copper water bottle from us)

Bring two ATM cards in case one gets lost

Pack wet-wipes to refresh face or hands

Pack sanitation wipes if concerned about germs

Bring a brimmed hat that won't blow off in the wind

Pack sunglasses

Dress in comfortable layers

Bring a small backpack for day tours

Be sure to give our contact information to your family

in case they need to reach you in an emergency

Soul of Mexico Tours

Whatsapp/Cell:  +52 443 639 2782




Coming Soon!


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