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We departed on a two night / three day exploration of the P'urepecha Meseta, which is an area rarely visited by foreigners.  Due to proximity to many wonderful villages, we stayed in Michoacan's newest Pueblo Magico, and famous guitar town, Paracho.  Over the course of three days, we visit artisans who create pieces from wood, such as furniture, masks, and wall pieces, weavers who create diverse and fantastic rebozos and clothes, embroidery artists who work in the punta de cruz (cross stitch) style, textile magicians who unravel cloth before embroidering the spaces with beautiful designs - a process called "deshilados," ceramic artists who make containers for grain storage, water, chimneys for the garden, and others who create gorgeous dishes, vases, flower pots, and the whimsical diablitos, which are sculptures that often feature devils.  We also visited the ruins of the church of San Juan Parangaricutiro, which was devoured by Paricutin Volcano in the 1940's.   If you are interested in this tour, please contact us for more information!

P'urepecha Meseta Tour Part 1