Michoacan Highlands, Mexico

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Private Experiences

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Tour Introduction

Custom Designed Tour

The Lake Patzcuaro region of Michoacan is a rich, artistic region dotted with traditional towns and villages that each present their own handicrafts.  Many of the artists enjoy sharing their techniques with art lovers who are interested in learning the processes for these different mediums.  We offer workshops for pottery, copper, embroidery and Catrina dolls.  As we custom design our workshops, we can offer a number of different experiences for your group, including a cooking class, art studio tours, mezcal, beer and/or wine tasting, dinner parties with live entertainment, champagne breakfast, and workshops with potters, coppersmiths, embroidery artists and wood carvers.

These workshops are meant to introduce guests to the processes behind the techniques, as an educational insight into how much work these art forms require.  We ask guests to respect the artists economy, by only creating pieces for personal enjoyment, rather than for sale. 





quick facts

State:  Michoacan, Mexico
Location:  Western Michoacan / P'urepecha Plateau
Altitude:  2140 Meters / 7021 Feet
Founded:  1320's by P'urepecha Culture
Economy:  Tourism and some Agriculture
Seat Population:  51 124 (2005)
Name:  There are several translations, including Phascuaro (Place Dyed Black), Patatzecuaro (Place of Foundations), and Petatzimícuaro (Place of Bullrushes).  Other translations include "Happy Place" and "Seat of Temples."
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Tour Overview

What to Expect

Class sizes are a maximum of 4-6 per class, so if your group has more guests, we will organize a selection of classes, based on interest.  For example, if everyone wants to paint a Catrina, we can schedule 2 or 3 classes over different days, so everyone can participate in this class. 


We provide a cooler with ice, a picnic lunch and picnic wares for lunch.  We will also provide a translator, so those who do not speak Spanish can understand the artists.  If guests do not have their own transportation, we will organize professional drivers for you.  (Our art studio tours will be booked with a licensed professional guide).  


We have listed different options below, for you to choose from.  Please send us your workshops and activities of choice, so we can put together a custom itinerary for your group, including price.  Just download our form below and email it to us at

2019 - Perez Family Workshop in Santa Cl

Workshops & Activities

2019 - Perez Family Workshop in Santa Cl



This challenging workshop is a lot of fun, as guests get to work the bellows, and hammer a small project, forged in fire, such a small bowl or bracelet.

Capula - Juan Torres School of Art (16).



This fun workshop takes place at the Juan Torres School of Art in Capula.  Learn how to make a mug - and arrange for us to ship it to you once it's complete.




Award winning indigenous chef Victoria Chavez of Apatzingan brings us flavours from the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacan, where she was born and raised.

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This class is sure to help guests understand how time consuming it is to learn the art of embroidery - from the importance of thread tension to the variety of stitches!

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This enchanting class is an introduction to the art of Paper Mache.  We will be making a small project that can be completed in a day.

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Talented Samantha Lopez of Morales is proprietress of Santo Huacal restaurant in Patzucaro.  Join her for a modern twist on traditional cuisine  while you're in Patzcuaro

Adriana Corte Espinosa & Miguel Angel To



This leisurely workshop involves painting a Catrina doll that has already been moulded for you.  Choose between two sizes and take it with you!  

Zinapecuaro - 2019 Class with German Her



Zinapecuaro pottery is a unique style, and one that will require us to pick up later and ship to you after they have been fired.  A very enjoyable class in an old workshop! 

Mezcaleria San Miguel, Patzcuaro - Omar



Join mezcal expert and proprietor Omar Alejandre Reyes for a tasting at his charming Mezcaleria San Miguel while you're in Patzcuaro!  Excellent variety!

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As this is a custom designed experience, we have listed what we can include once we have your details. 


If you would like to schedule a class in Zinapecuaro, we will book you into a hotel in Morelia.  Capula is also located near Morelia.  For all other tours, we will book you into Patzcuaro.  If you would like to come for a few classes, we can create an experience that allows you to stay in both locations.


All workshops include lunch

All other meals are separate


Transportation can be arranged if you do not have your own


Art Workshops

Mezcal Tasting

Wine Tasting

Dinner Party with live music

Champagne Brunch

Archaeological Sites

Art Studio Tours



Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance & Suggestions 


After the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are sure most guests will be sure to purchase travel insurance.  Please check with your insurance company to ensure you are aware of what you are covered for.

To reserve your tour, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit for confirmation.

The balance is due upon arrival in Mexico City


Medical insurance is crucial for travel.  Some guests have been wary of sharing contact information for their insurance provider with us.  If that is the case, please leave this information with a trusted friend or family member we can reach in the case of an emergency.

We require emergency contact information for all guests


Travel with 2 pairs of comfortable shoes

Bring sunblock

Carry a refillable water bottle 

(or purchase a handmade copper water bottle from us)

Bring two ATM cards in case one gets lost

Pack wet-wipes to refresh face or hands

Pack sanitation wipes if concerned about germs

Bring a brimmed hat that won't blow off in the wind

Pack sunglasses

Dress in comfortable layers

Bring a small backpack for day tours

Pack your umbrella

Be sure to give our contact information to your family

in case they need to reach you in an emergency

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Capula - Juan Torres School of Art (14).