2019 - Perez Family Workshop in Santa Cl

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2019 - Perez Family Workshop in Santa Cl


Spend the day an authentic family workshop in Santa Clara del Cobre, working with Napoleon Perez and family.  The class consists of forging copper in fire, and hammering it into shape.  This is a challenging but exceptionally fun class, and you can take your creation with you.


Our workshops are priced depending on your group size and needs.  Services available include:

  • Return Transportation from Morelia or Lake Patzcuaro region

  • Spanish / English Translator

  • Catered lunch with picnic dishes, glasses and a cooler with ice

  • Assistance with accommodations & other activities  


This class is open for only 6 guests currently, due to Covid restrictions.  If your group has more than 6 interested in this class, please contact us for more options. 



2019 - Perez Family Workshop in Santa Cl


Mexican artist Napoleon Perez was born on July 5, 1977 to Maria del Sagrario Pamatz Saucedo and Jesus Felipe Perez Ornelas, both of Santa Clara del Corbre, Michoacan Mexico. Rose Calderone of Casona Rosa B&B introduced me to Napoleon in February 2016 when we attended a special homage to his late father at the Cultural Centre in Patzcuaro. Jesus Perez Ornelas was a highly revered Maestro of Santa Clara del Cobre, so naturally most of his children followed in his footsteps as proficient metal workers.

As the youngest of 14 children, Napoleon was the last to learn the family trade. His career began at 8 years old when his father recruited him to work the bellows for the fire. According to Jesus Perez Ornelas, Napoleon was the student he most expected to carry forth his legacy, as he was so dedicated to perfecting the rules and refining his techniques before moving up to the next stage. It's true of all art forms, that one must perfect the rules before breaking them - which is when the artist develops their own distinct style.

Perez has been sculpting full size collectible art vases for over 12 years, and is an award winning artist. His work can be found in galleries in Mexico and the USA.