"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself"

~ Leo Tolstoy



It is always a wonderful feeling to bring like-minded folks together to support a solution-based cause.  It was an honor to coordinate these eco-science tours to raise funds for Dr. Pablo Jaramillo's research.  Though the photographs aren't all in focus, I hope you find a few treasures here that remind you of our wonderful observations.


I would like to add a personal note about my own experiences at the monarch reserves during our February visit.  In the past, I have never experienced such crowds - and at first, felt frustrated by the long line we found ourselves stuck in.  About half-way through that long, quiet, slow-moving line - I realized the silver lining of so many people was actually a gift.  In the past, we would march right through that trail, determined to reach the colony.  Determined to see whether the butterflies were flying....(marching past all of that magic we witnessed).

As we crept through that slow-moving line of curious butterfly enthusiasts, I observed and captured more photographs of feeding monarchs than ever before, and stood still below their fluttering wonderment, head pointed straight into the wild for immeasurable moments I will always cherish.  Those crowds denied us fleeting moments, gifting instead,  a mesmerizing time-lapse experience.

Thank you to Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez, Rose Calderone of Casona Rosa B&B, Eddie and Alejandra (& your fantastic staff) at Cielo Cocina Fusion, Rodrigo Nefthali & Carlos Castro for your introspective music, Keith McCallum for the Bagpipes, and all of you, who not only made this experience possible, but also raised funds for an important cause.  Those of us who are snowbirds, understand just how important a southern migration for winter truly is!


It was an honor to feast and travel with you!