La Puerta del Camino Real

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This exploration of La Puerta del Camino Real, or Mexico's Silver Road, began and ended in Zihuatanejo.  We stayed in Guanajuato City, Zacatecas City, Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi, Mineral de Pozos and Morelia.  The content of this tour included the indigenous roots of what later became a intercontinental trade route that connected the world, first through the Port of Veracruz, and later through the Port of Acapulco, with all routes intersecting in Mexico City.  Our new tour for March 2023 begins in Mexico City, with a flight home from Zacatecas, to save from back-tracking.  Please click here to learn more about this tour!


Guanauato City                Zacatecas                Real de Catorce                San Luis Potosi                Mineral de Pozos                Morelia

DAY SEVEN - Real de Catorce

We left Zacatecas and explored the Museo de Guadalupe before the long drive to Real de Catorce.

DAY EIGHT - Real de Catorce

This morning, our day started with a horseback riding adventure out to Cerro Quemada, which is a place of great importance to the Wixaritari.  As we were riding, we were following the Shaman, who though on foot, beat us to the temple.  The altitude at the top is close to 10,000 feet, making the air thin and breathing difficult.