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Butterfly Tours are from late November through early March

All other options available year round

We can create a private tour for your family or group.  Please contact us for more information.


Lake Patzcuaro Regional Tours & Workshops

Experience Patzcuaro through a series of fabulous options, including nearby locales, and some far-away bucket-list options that are possible as a day tour.  Participate in art classes in authentic studios in small, traditional towns, sign-up for a cooking class with an award winning Indigenous chef, head out into the P'urepecha Meseta to collect art in a region seldom visited by tourists, visit mezcal distilleries and sample local spirits, ride ATV's or scream across an exhilarating zip-line, and unwind at the Grand Plaza and street-side restaurants in Patzcuaro to people watch.     


Lake Patzcuaro is located in the Highlands of Michoacan.  We are approximately 4 hours from Zihuatanejo, 3 hours from the cities of Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro.  We are 3.5 hours from the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere, 1 hour from Morelia, and about 5.5 hours from Mexico City.  There are many ways to reach us - including bus, private car, or flight.  Some guests fly to Guadalajara or Leon for pick-up by private guide, while others are able to find flights into Morelia international airport.  


Please contact us to discuss your plans, so we can offer assistance.

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Ceramics, Copper, Embroidery, Paper Mache

We have three ceramics classes currently on offer.  Zinapecuaro is more easily reached for guests who are staying in Morelia, though our other two classes can be accessed from Morelia and Patczcuaro.

In Zinapecuaro, the artists will start by mixing clay to demonstrate the process.  Once the clay is ready, you will have the chance to mold it, carve and play around with it.  Once your piece is ready, it will need to be dried and later fired, so we can ship your piece at a later date.   Some guests opt to just have fun for the day, to learn about the pottery of Zinapecuaro, and enjoy learning about the process.


In Capula, we have two workshops on offer - one which involves painting a pre-molded Catrina doll.  This fun workshop allows guests to take their doll with them, at the end of the afternoon.


Our second workshop in Capula is at the Juan Torres School of Arts, where you will learn to mold a mug with handle, and will also have the chance to paint pieces in the style of Capula.  We can ship your pieces to you once they are dried and fired. 


Forge copper in fire, in Santa Clara del Cobre, and make a copper bracelet or small copper garnish bowl.  Though a difficult class, guests can take their pieces with them at the end of the day.


Work with a wonderful artist in Patzcuaro, to create a small paper-mache project, which will be prepared for your arrival.  This class allows guests to spend the day creating, and you may leave with your piece. 

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The Church Ruins of Paricutin Volcano

Horseback or hike to the ruins of a church that was devoured by Paricutin Volcano, which erupted in 1943. The lava flow devoured the town, and engulfed a church, yet stopped at the base of the altar. An incredible site to see, locals consider this occurrence as both a curse and a gift – for though the town was destroyed, the altar of the church was spared.

This tour includes either horseback or hiking on an easy trail. Eat lunch near the church, where local indigenous peoples have make-shift kitchens and serve traditional foods, including handmade tortillas.

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Long Live Michoacan!

Spend the day exploring Michoacan’s famous Mezcal region, where you can tour a distillery, visit an agave field, and sample various mezcals. Visit an adventure park where you can ride ATV’s or scream across an exhilarating zip-line.

Depending on your location, we also offer tours to Charo, where you will visit a small artesanal distillery, and can also arrange for tours to Ozumatlan Distillery, which is nearby an interesting ex-mine site with an intriguing history.

If you are interested in visiting the intriguing, quirky and controversial Temple of Santa Muerte, we can include Hacienda Oponguio distillery and Paloma Mesajeras for this tour!

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Traditional & Modern

Spend the day in the nearby city of San Juan Paranchecuaro with award winning indigenous cook, Rosalba Bartolo Morales.  Learn to make traditional P'urepecha cuisine by hand, in a traditional kitchen.  You will learn to make tamales, corundas, charles, and other local treats, depending on the season.  Once we have your request, we can discuss the menu with Rosalba so you will know what you are learning to make, ahead of time.  

In Patzcuaro, you can spend the day with Samantha Lopez of Santo Huacal, learning to make Mexico's famous mole.  Samantha creates innovative, traditional dishes with a modern twist, fusing amazing flavours with an artistic presentation.  Working with seasonal ingredients, this is a fantastic cooking and eating experience.  Please check out the video below!

Please contact us with advance notice to book a cooking class, so we can make arrangements with Rosalba and/or Samantha.  We ask you to please send us your group size, and whether anyone has any allergies or preferences.  Classes depend on availability.

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Tzintzuntzan & Ihautzio!

If you love archaeology, we have some small but interesting sites in our area, including Tzintzuntzan, which was the capital of the P'urepecha Empire, and Ihuatzio, which is just down the road.  We can also take you to the ancient city of Tingambato, depending on your other interests.  

Visiting Tzintzuntzan and Ihuatzio can be combined with art studios, a wonderful artisan market, and a fascinating ex-convent that houses a fantastic museum.

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Around the Lake

Visit key towns of the Lake Patzcuaro region, including the copper town of Santa Clara del Cobre, the Catrina town of Capula, eat famous carnitas in Quiroga, and explore the fabulous art market of Tzintzuntzan, where you may also visit the spectacular ex-convent and museum.

Head into a rarely visited side of Lake Patzcuaro, where you can visit a studio where artists make handmade paper and prints, furniture and a silversmith. Tour a mezcal distillery and sample local Michoacan mezcals, including the popular agaves of Cupreata and Inequidens.  We can take you to the quirky, intriguing and controversial Temple of Santa Muerte, to learn about this folkloric icon that has been ex-communicated by the Roman Catholic Church.

We can also take you on a boat ride to visit some of the islands of the Lake, which makes for a beautiful day spent on the water, visiting small indigenous islands, and one very touristy but famous one!

Beyond Lake Patzcuaro

Though we highly recommend booking a two night tour for this region, for those on a time budget and sense of adventure, we can offer different day trips into parts of the P'urepecha Meseta, including the newly designated Pueblo Magico, Paracho, which is Mexico's famous guitar town.  Along the way, visit a town that rose up against the government in 2011, rendering self governmance, and a few artist studios.

A different tour can include a remote village where artisans create the most whimsical creations found in Mexico.  Devils driving buses, riding motorcycles, and attending "The Last Supper" are just a few treasures you will find here.  This tour can be combined with a short visit to another pottery town, where high-fired dishes are made, as well as a small village that is famed for pineapple vessels.

Please contact us for more information about this area.  It will be most enjoyed by art enthusiasts who are eager to meet artists directly in their homes, for direct purchasing.

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Beyond Lake Patzcuaro

We strongly recommend spending at least one night near the Butterfly Reserves for a more relaxing visit, but if you are on a strict time budget, we do offer day tours to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.  We also host presentations with Dr. Jaramillo, who is a soil expert who conducts research in the Monarch Reserves.  Please let us know your dates, in case we have enough people to fill a presentation.  All money raised goes towards his research!

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Private Transport Included

Horseback Riding in Reserves is Optional


Entrance fees to all sites are included in the price


Night arrivals may like to opt for a beautiful welcome basket,

so you can enjoy a picnic, wine or beer upon arrival.  If your flight is arriving after 8 PM, consider this comforting option.  Your driver will bring it to the airport or bus station, and you can return the wares at your convenience.

Picnic baskets include a spreadable and hard cheese, crackers, salami, olive tapenade, nuts, and jelly.  We provide you with glasses, plates, small bowls, cutlery, a cork screw and napkins.

If you would like local wine, beer or mezcal, we ask for two weeks advance notice to put in an order.  We will send you a list of what we have available!


If you would like to book any appointments while you are here, we can arrange for some self-pampering for you.  Please contact us in advance to ensure we can get you an appointment.


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Eyelash Extensions


Need something else?  Just email us with your request!



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Cancellations made within a month of tour are non-refundable.

You may transfer your tour to a friend or family member at your own discretion, so long as they are in the right age group for this tour.


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