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JANUARY 20, 2023

Hope for the Monarchs Fundraiser

Join us on January 20, 2023 in San Miguel de Allende for a fascinating lecture that raises funds for important scientific research (Restaurant TBA)


  • Dinner (drinks & drink tips separate)

  • Lecture & Visual Presentation with Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez

  • Donation for Scientific Research in the Monarch Reserves

If you enjoy this lecture, we encourage guests to increase your donation in person


Friday January 20, 2023


Join Dr. Jaramillo Lopez & Soul of Mexico Tours at Cielo Cocina Fusion this February for an insightful and interesting lecture about the monarch butterflies, their migration, obstacles and survival.  What makes this such a wonderful presentation, is Dr. Jaramillo's positive perspective on how we, as individuals, can actively participate in helping these phenomenal creatures survive, through our daily choices.


We begin with a 5 course tasting menu, followed by Dr. Jaramillo's lecture, commencing with a question/answer period and open discussion.  If you cannot attend, but would like to make a donation to assist scientific research in the monarch reserve, please contact us for more information. 

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Reserve with Dr. Jaramillo Lopez on Thursday, February 2, 2022.  Contat Jennifer at for more information or click here!
Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez


Soil Expert, Soil Restoration Expert

& Research Scientist Professor

Dr. Jaramillo studied agriculture in his native country of Ecuador before  completing  his   doctorate  in  biology  at  the  University  of  Western Ontario in Canada. His dissertation research focused on reusing human byproducts (organic residues) to create a soil amendment to improve soil conditions for agricultural and forestry applications.  

In Ontario, Dr. Jeremy McNeil introduced Dr. Jaramillo to the incredible monarch butterfly migration that originates there. Dr. McNeil  encouraged    Dr. Jaramillo    to   apply   for a  postdoctoral fellowship at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Dr. Jaramillo’s postdoctoral led him to his current position in the  department  of  agroecology at  the Research  Institute  for for   Ecosystems  and  Sustainability  at  the  National Autonomous University of Mexico in Morelia, Michoacan.


Having worked with late etymologist, Dr. Lincoln Brower, who made the monarch butterfly migration known worldwide, Dr. Jaramillo has a unique perspective on monarch butterfly biology and conservation. His philosophy is that the local people must be educated about the relationship between the monarchs and the forest where they live, as a means for safeguarding the health of the butterfly forest, which has been threatened by illegal logging. Dr. Jaramillo’s postdoctoral project was a turning point in his life. The project focused on improving the soil ecosystem for more efficient reforestation practices in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. During the process, Dr. Jaramillo collaborated with an indigenous community that lives inside the Reserve. Through the project, 94% seedling survival rates were achieved, and the forest ecosystem was restored in just four years. Collaborating with local communities and promoting their well-being is the only way to effectively conserve the forest ecosystem that monarchs choose as their overwintering grounds, as it has curbed deforestation and rendered new economic means for former loggers. This project earned Dr. Jaramillo the 2014 Pollinator Advocate Award which has encouraged local efforts to continue finding ways to conserve the forests that host monarch butterflies during the winter.

Visiting the monarch butterfly overwintering colonies with Dr. Jaramillo is a wonderful experience not only focused on learning more about these incredible insects but also to see how all of us can help conserve and protect these iconic winged creatures.

"Jen could not have chosen a better ambassador for the monarchs than Dr. Jaramillo. He was knowledgeable, charming, enthusiastic and fielded numerous questions with ease."

Janet Starr