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Americans and Canadians aren't the only snowbirds who migrate south for the winter.  The single most phenomenal migration of the world takes place between the Canadian province of Ontario, and Mexico's majestic state of Michoacan.

Visit the UNESCO Protected Monarch Butterfly Biosphere with an award winning research scientist, for an educational and rewarding experience.  Spend the night in Michoacan's nearby Pueblo Magico Tlalpujahua, which is famed for their hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments.  On February 3, we will visit the nearby charming town of El Oro de Hidalgo, before returning to Morelia and Patzcuaro.  This tour is designed for philanthropists with a passion for protecting nature, and who feel compelled to make a difference.




It is estimated that between 150,000 to 250,000 people visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere in Mexico each year.  Most of those visitors enjoy seeing the Monarchs, but learn little to nothing about their migration or environment, or how we as individuals, can make a difference to Monarch survival.  This tour educates our guests about the daily impact our personal choices (eg: dietary), and offers fascinating insights into the health of monarch habitat, with a focus on soil restoration and local solutions.  Something foreigners rarely understand, even after visiting the reserves, is that indigenous Mazahua groups have been living in and logging the reserves since long before the world ever knew about the Monarch Migration.  Due to intense population growth and sustenance that relies heavily on logging, part of Dr. Jaramillo's work with soil has involved hands-on work with indigenous Mazahua communities, teaching them sustainable practices for organic avocado production, with sales that replace any revenues lost through the surrender of traditional logging practices.


If you love this tour and would like to contribute to Dr. Jaramillo Lopez's research in the reserves, please consider making a donation.

" We'd like to give a special thanks to Jennifer, at Soul of Mexico Tours, for planning and executing this event perfectly. This tour was truly a magical experience that we will never forget. We have already highly recommended this tour to our family and friends."


Benoit Laroche

Regionl Map


Guests may fly here through Morelia International Airport, though there are creative ways one can get here, that can include other destination points.  We are 3 hours from Leon Airport (San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato), Santiago de Queretaro, and Guadalajara (Lake Chapala & Ajijic).  We are approximately 3.5-4 hours from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and 5 hours from Mexico City.  With such a central location, we are a perfect destination for those who are travelling along various routes of Central Mexico.

Please Note:  Our tour will deliver guests to the Bodega in Patzcuaro, before returning guests to Morelia.  If you are starting in Morelia, and ending in Patzcuaro, please let us know in advance so we make sure we have room for luggage.


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Getting Here


Wednesday February 1, 2023

Join us this evening for a special dinner at Morelia’s top-rated Cielo Cocina Fusion, and Dr. Jaramillo Lopez for a fascinating lecture about the Monarch Butterflies, their migration patterns, life-span, and health of their habitat. “Hope for the Monarchs” is a hopeful insight into how we can assist the Monarchs with our every day choices, and guests will have an opportunity to ask the professor questions at the end of our lecture. Enjoy a wonderful menu – all included for $800. (Drinks and Drink Tips are separate).


Thursday February 2, 2023

This morning we depart Morelia at 8:30 AM for the Sierra Chincua Butterfly Reserve, which will take us approximately 3.5 hours. Enjoy a small snack in the parking lot before heading into the Sanctuary with Dr. Jaramillo Lopez.

While guests are in the park, your host will be preparing a lovely picnic in the park, for you to enjoy upon returning. Sip on lovely wines from Baha’s Fundamento Vinicola, and enjoy visiting with Dr. Jaramillo for the duration of our picnic. We will then transfer to Tlalpujahua, where we will stay for the night.

Picnic in Reserve and Hotel in Tlalpujahua included. Entrance Fees Included. Horseback Riding is optional.


Friday February 1, 2023

This morning we will enjoy breakfast and last minute browsing in Tlalpujahua, before driving to El Oro de Hidalgo, where our guide Gerardo Chavez will offer guests a walking tour of this enchanting little town. We will have lunch here before returning to Morelia.

Please Note: Our guide will bring guests to Patzcuaro before returning to Morelia. Patzcuaro guests will be delivered to Estacion, where we will taxi to the centro together so the rest of the group can return to Morelia.



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Detailed Itinerary


The following photo galleries represent some of the activities and scenes you can expect to see during our tour, though the experience is unlike anything we can portray here.        


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Photo Galleries


Anyone familiar with Cielo Cocina Fusion knows what a stand-up job Eddie, Alejandra and their staff deliver at their dinner parties.  We are so grateful to work with such inspired professionals, and are always excited to organize a "Hope for the Monarchs" lecture & presentation by Dr. Jaramillo Lopez.  Learn about the migratory patterns, hear stories from Dr. Jaramillo's research and time spent with his mentor, Dr. Lincoln P. Brower, who was the etymologist who ultimately introduced the Monarch Colonies of Mexico to the world.  This is a truly interesting and insightful presentation, complete with simple solutions for how we can contribute to the preservation of this phenomenal species.       



Though El Rosario has a larger butterfly colony, we prefer to bring our guests to the Sierra Chincua Monarch Reserve due to the leisurely hike, and minimal crowds.  Smaller crowds means more time spent inside the protected reserve, so guests have a longer experience with the Monarchs, rather than being rushed if it's a busy day.  There are steep hills, and the reserves are at a high altitude, so please take it slowly.  We ask guests to refrain from deviating from the pathways, to protect sensitive plant-life.  If you would like to horseback ride one way or both, please be aware that you will still need to hike, as horses are not allowed inside of the protected area.  The Monarch colonies move throughout the season, so we cannot guarantee their location until you arrive at the park; however, even guests on horseback should expect to hike for anywhere around 20-30 mins, each way.      



Make sure to charge your smart phone so you can film the butterflies in motion.  We recommend using your slow-motion feature, as you can film the butterflies in a way the human eye cannot see them.  Our video below starts in regular mode, and flips into slow motion so you can see the difference.


This was a rather large picnic, as we had a big crowd - but this will give you an idea of what we enjoy putting together for our guests.  Our picnics include salami, cheese, crackers, homemade sauces, veggies, fruit and delicious wines from local wineries.  This year, we are pleased to be working with Fundamento Vinicola from Baha for a lovely red, and will have a local white available.

We bring melmac dishes and glasses to reduce plastic waste.


Following our experience and picnic at Sierra Chincua Monarch Reserve, we will check into our hotel in Tlalpujahua and enjoy browsing through the galleries here.  Though Mexico has countless thousands of churches, we do recommend going inside of the  Ex-Convento Shrine of the Virgen of Carmen, as the inside is especially beautiful.


This surprising and special town is about 15 mins from Tlalpujahua, and was also built from the riches of the gold of this region.  We will enjoy a walking tour of the village, which includes Mudejar Architecture inside the Juarez Theatre, the beautiful Municipal Hall, a small art market, and more.  We will have lunch here, and depart for Morelia around 2:30 PM.  Please Note:  We will deliver guests to Patzcuaro before the van returns to Morelia.