October 28 - November 2, 2023
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October 28 - November 2, 2022

Join us in October 2023 for an extensive and unique exploration of Dia de Muertos in Patzcuaro, Michoacan Mexico!  Starting with our Fiesta de Catrinas on Saturday October 28, our tour includes several key places around the Lake Patzcuaro region, along a route less-travelled by big tour companies.  With local cultural expert and guide, Jaime Hernandez Balderas, we are fortunate to have special invitations to select communities, with traditional protocols in place to ensure we are not trespassing against this beautiful and sacred observation. 


Please Note:  In the past, we have connected private groups with our van tour for a private boat ride on Lake Patzcuaro.  Due to complications with logistics, we are no longer offering this.  If you don't wish to join this tour, please contact us about our private tours for small groups of 2-6 guests.  If you have a large group of your own, we can certainly discuss a van rental with private guide and driver for a group of up to 18 guests for your group.  As this is the busiest time of year in the Lake Patzcuaro region, we highly recommend booking your tour early, as we always have to turn-away last-minute requests.  Hotels also sell-out about one year in advance, so the earlier you book, the better!  We look forward to hosting you. 


Please email Jennifer at info@soulofmexicotours.com



" Jen coordinated an interesting tour with an amazing guide, Jaime Balderas. Over 3 days we were able to visit crafts people in their home villages and studios and experience Day of the Dead vigils in several different locations, each one with a different emphasis in the way their loved ones were remembered."


Liz Parkinson


$16,000 MXN does not include hotels
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Patzcuaro, Michoacan Mexico
October 28 - November 2, 2022
Age Group:  21+
Group Size:  18 (Max)
Patzcuaro  (Not Included)
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Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Date:  Saturday October 28, 2023

Arrive in Patzcuaro in the afternoon with enough time to prepare for La Fiesta de Catrinas!  Our party this evening will feature a 5 course tasting menu, live entertainment, and a few other surprises - including our secret location!

We have buses departing from Patzcuaro and Morelia, so if you happen to be in Morelia and are coming to Patzcuaro, it's always an option to arrive on the Morelia bus and depart on the Patzcuaro bus.

We will have make-up artists at the party, ready to transform you into a Catrina, though we highly recommend having your makeup done before arriving.  Please contact us for more information!


Welcome Cocktail Included


5 course meal included

Drinks + drink tips separate

Live Entertainment

Return Transportation Included

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Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Date:  Sunday October 29, 2023


Depart Patzcuaro at 10 AM for an enchanting day tour around the Lake Patzcuaro region. We will visit the ancient P'urepecha city of Tzintzuntzan, among select artist studios and the community of Ihuatzio.


Lunch is included.


Entrance Fees Included


Lunch is Included

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Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Date:  Monday October 30, 2023


This morning we will start in Santa Clara del Cobre, to meet some of the copper maestro’s and learn about their process for forging copper art pieces in the fire. Following lunch, we will visit the estate of esteemed local maestro Juan Torres, before heading to the incredible Catrina Market in the centro of Capula.


Lunch Included

Drinks + Drink Tips Separate

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Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Date:  Tuesday October 31, 2023


Enjoy a day of rest to explore Patzcuaro and browse through the market in the Plaza Grande. At 5 PM, Jaime Hernandez offers a special lecture about the history and roots of Dia de Muertos, followed by a lovely dinner.


We depart the restaurant at 7:45 PM for a nearby village to witness the Vigils for the souls of the innocents (children and virgins). We will return to Patzcuaro at approximately midnight.


Lecture Included

Dinner Included

Drinks + Drink Tips Separate

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Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Date:  Wednesday November 1, 2023


Our Noche de Muertos tour this year will start at 6 PM, delivering us first to a local P’urepecha family in a nearby village, where we will be served a traditional meal. From there, we will visit some special vigils, and enjoy a festival in a nearby town, then board a boat to visit a traditional island, where our hosts will entertain us for a private event. From there, we will return to the mainland for our final stop at an enchanting cemetery. We will return to Patzcuaro at around 4:30 AM on November 2.


Please Note: Though Isla de Janitzio is very famous for Dia de Muertos, we do not visit the island due to over-burdening crowds that result in incredible line-ups, and an extended wait to get into their tiny cemetery. There are many wonderful cemeteries and festivities in the Lake region to be enjoyed, where fewer crowds descend upon the locals. We are very fortunate that our guide speaks P’urepecha and is very well connected with the local people. Jaime follows traditional protocols, and we are invited to these communities, making this not only a unique experience, but one with an ethical approach.


Dinner Included



Please consider a donation:  We will be hosted in one particular remote community where the locals put on a special event for us.  Please consider bringing a donation for their efforts.  The money donated will be used for community meals, and will be very much appreciated.  Suggested donation is $100 Pesos per person, though you are certainly welcome to offer more, depending on how much you enjoy this experience.  

Trick or Treat:  Local children now celebrate the tradition of trick-or-treat, and will ask for money or candies.  We realize some guests find this an appalling affront to the tradition of Dia de Muertos; however, their parents and families allow this - and culture is not static.  We are here to observe new traditions, which is as exciting for us, as getting candies is for the young children.  If you choose to carry pesos for the children, we can get 1 peso coins, as this is sufficient per child!  If you would like to hand out candies, please let us know and we can recommend a store.

Catrina Face:  Since the release of Pixar's Coco, guests have been painting their faces before heading out to the cemeteries.  If you have your face painted during the day, we ask you to remove face paint before boarding the van.  Though you will see a lot of nationals and tourists in Catrina-face on the night of Muertos, Catrina is not traditional among the local indigenous peoples, and could come across as very offensive.  It is one thing for a culture to evolve on its own, and another for outsiders to force influence on such changes.  You will see some indigenous children with face paint, but so far, this is not customary among teenagers, adults or elders.  We organize our Catrina Party so guests can enjoy the fun of a masquerade, without trampling indigenous traditions or causing unnecessary offence.

For your own comfort:  Weather can be inclement at this time of year, so please be prepared for rainy skies.  An umbrella is highly recommended, along with rain gear and a pair of sturdy boots.  Expect the cemeteries to be very slippery if it rains, a there will be a lot of mud.  Some light snacks and water bottle are nice to have.  As we will be on a boat for the latter part of the morning, we suggest leaving a small blanket/warm jacket and change of socks on the bus, for the ride back to Patzcuaro. 


Please email Jennifer at info@soulofmexicotours.com



Sprinter Van
Licensed National Guides
Logistics Manager / Coordinator
Donations for 1 Community Recommended
Tips for Guides & Driver Not Included
Noche de Muertos boat ride to one island
Lunch x 2
Dinner x 2