Zinapecuaro - 2019 Class with German Her

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Zinapecuaro - 2019 Class with German Her


Spend the day an authentic workshop in Zinapecuaro, working with German Hernandez and family.  The class consists of moulding a piece and ornamenting it.  As the pieces need to be fired, we cannot take our pieces with us.  We will make arrangements to pick them up at a later time, and have them shipped to you.


Our workshops are priced depending on your group size and needs.  Services available include:

  • Return Transportation from Morelia or Lake Patzcuaro region

  • Spanish / English Translator

  • Catered lunch with picnic dishes, glasses and a cooler with ice

  • Assistance with accommodations & other activities  


This class is open for only 6 guests currently, due to Covid restrictions.  If your group has more than 6 interested in this class, please contact us for more options. 



Zinapecuaro - 2019 Class with German Her


German Hernandez and his family have been producers of pottery for many generations, dating back so long they believe their family kilns are over two hundred years old.  What makes Zinapecuaro pottery unique from other styles in our region, is the use of "resist" or "negative" technique, which involves applying a resin-like material to the surface of the pottery prior to glazing it, then removing the resin once the glaze has been applied.  Similar to how batik and ankara cloth is made, what is beneath the resin is considered the "negative" pattern - or one that has "resisted" the glaze.  This is a pre-Hispanic technique that was lost for sometime, until the artisans of Zinapecuaro reclaimed these techniques in the early 1800's.

German has over 30 family members who create pottery, and their studio is a fascinating place to spend the day creating.  Not all workshops are held in authentic family workshops like this, and we were treated to witnessing firewood delivery and the lighting of the kilns, which are only lit when the family has enough pottery to fill them.