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  • We understand your dog is part of your family, and as they are generally great travelers, we are happy to accommodate friendly dogs on private tours.

  • There are pet-friendly accommodations in most places, though they are limited.  Many require a damage deposit that you will be responsible for.

  • There are some pet friendly restaurants here, which will limit your choice of restaurants.  At night, it is also possible to leave your dog in your hotel room, so there are no restaurant restrictions.


  • We ask that Fido be groomed prior to our start date.

  • Fido must be on a leash at all times during our tour.  This includes while travelling in the vehicle or van, so you can control your dog from climbing on other guests, or into the drivers area.

  • We recommend two sets of bowls - one for the car (with water), and one for your hotel room.

  • If we are hiking, please don't forget to pack a water bowl and water for Fido.  

  • Mexico has a large street dog population.  Please keep your dog on a leash, and be aware of your surroundings.  While most street dogs are friendly here, some may lunge at your pet.  

  • You are solely responsible for your dog.  We will provide paper towel and cleaners in case there are unexpected accidents,  but you are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.

  • Poop bags are mandatory.  We will store the bags in the trunk of the vehicle until we find a garbage can.  Under no circumstances should owners leave feces in the streets or fields, regardless of street dog populations. 


  • Dogs are not permitted in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere, therefore, we cannot accommodate pets for these tours.  We can offer assistance in finding a reputable dog sitter in Morelia or Patzcuaro, for the duration of your tour.

  • Dogs are not permitted in museums, churches, historical buildings or artisan studios.  We will discuss solutions when you book your private tour.

  • If you intend on riding a horse at San Juan Parangaricutiro, please pay your guide extra to care for your dog.  We recommend a minimum tip of $80 Pesos return (or $40 pesos one way).



  • We charge a refundable damage deposit of $2000 Pesos for pets.  This is in the event that your dog pees or defecates in the vehicle.  If you know your dog has accidents, please crate the dog while we are in the vehicle.

  • If there are no accidents, and we are only responsible for a general deep clean, we will refund your damage deposit MINUS $200 pesos, which covers our time to deep-clean the vehicle at the end of the tour.  (This is due to future guests with allergies to dander etc.)

  • If you are doing a series of consecutive day tours with us, the $200 pesos is charged at the end, not per tour.



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