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“People don't take trips, trips take people.”
- John Steinbeck

La Ruta Don Vasco

Historical Journey to the Monarch Butterflies


February 2020

This custom designed tour was created for a couple staying in Zihuatanejo.  They expressed less interest in the churches and archaeological sites, and more interest in the local culture, geology and nature.  Their priority was to visit the Monarch Butterflies, while enjoying other highlights from La Ruta Don Vasco.  This  couple had already booked two beautiful, award winning boutique B&B's Casa Encantada in Patzcuaro and Casona Rosa in Morelia.  Due to their time allowance, we booked them into Agua Blanca Resort near Sierra Chincua Butterfly Reserve, to save them a 6 hour return commute as a day-trip.

If you would like us to custom design a tour for you, please contact us.  We will send you an itinerary with a budget for your approval before your tour is confirmed.  This way, we can work with you to ensure your tour is catered to your personal interests, time allowance and budget.


Pick-up in Uruapan, Guided Tours and Return to Patzcuaro Included
Arrival/Departure costs to Uruapan from Zihuatanejo are not included
Return taxi from Patzcuaro to Uruapan is not included
Bilingual Guide speaks English and Spanish
1 Night at Agua Blanca Resort Included
Accommodations in Patzcuaro & Morelia are separate
Meals at Agua Blanca Resort are included
All other Meals are separate
All activities, museums, park entrance fees included, unless noted.
Horse Back Riding at Paricutin and Sierra Chincua is not included


Your tour price is based on 2 travelers in shared accommodations.




Tour Price: $24,000 MX Per Coupule

Enjoy the Diverse Wonders of this Region

  • Stay in Pueblo Magico Patzcuaro

  • Stay in a UNESCO designated city of Morelia

  • Stay in the less-frequented town of Jungapeo

  • Explore the ruins of the San Juan Church, partially swallowed by lava from Paricutin Volcano

  • Stroll the enchanting cobble-paths of Cupatitzio National Park

  • Traverse the Sierra into the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

  • Tour Pueblo Magico's Tlalpujahua & Santa Clara del Cobre

  • Meet several award winning artisans and browse through their studios

Travel in Comfort & Peace

  • Travel with a knowledgeable, bilingual and local guide
  • Stock the cooler with your favorite beverages for long drives
  • Please be sure to give us your insurance provider, and contact for next of kin

Embark on an Adventure!

If you are interested in this tour, please contact Jennifer at for more information!

Day One:

Arrive in Uruapan Bus Terminal from Zihuatanejo.  Your guide will pick you up and transfer you to Angahuan, where you can visit the ruins of the Church of San Juan.  Following your visit, stop at the National Park of Cupatitzo before heading to your hotel in Morelia.  

Please Note:  Bus Tickets are not available online.  We are happy to assist you with your tickets.


Casona Rosa B&B

Meals Included:

No Meals Included


Depart Zihuatanejo by 6 AM.  Pick-up in Uruapan 10:30 AM.  Arrive in Morelia around 5:30 PM.

Day Two:

Self-guided tour of the UNESCO Designated city, and capital of Michoacan - Morelia 


Casona Rosa B&B

Meals Included:


Day Three:

As breakfast at Casona Rosa B&B is served at 8:30, the staff will prepare you a breakfast the night before.  Please ask Lupe to show you where everything is the day before.

Depart Casona Rosa B&B by 8 AM to reach the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere by 11 AM.  Enjoy a hike into the reserve, or horseback ride with a guide.  It is typical to spend about 2 hours in the park, giving you time to travel to Jungapeo for an afternoon soak in their lovely thermal mineral pools.  The pools are kept at a temperature of 32 degrees, so are not scalding hot - but warm enough to enjoy!  You can opt to book a massage at Agua Blanca Resort, but please contact us ahead of time.  


Agua Blanca Resort

Meals Included:

Though not served, breakfast is included

Picnic Lunch is included

Dinner is included

Day Four:

Depart Agua Blanca for Tlalpujahua.  Explore the small town and watch artisans blowing and decorating glass ornaments.  Visit the Dos Estrellas Mine for an interesting tour.  Depart Tlalpujahua for Zinapecuaro, where you will meet German Hernandez and his family, while enjoying an opportunity to view their art pieces, some of which will be available for purchase.  From Zinapecuaro, head to Casa Encantada B&B in Patzcuaro.


Casa Encantada B&B

Meals Included:


Day Five:

Enjoy a self-guided exploration of the Pueblo Magico Patzcuaro.  If you would like a walking tour, please let us know in advance, so we can make arrangements.


Casa Encantada B&B

Meals Included:


Day Six:

This morning, your guide will pick you up at 9:30 AM for an exploration of some of Lake Patzcuaro's highlights.  Start in the Pueblo Magico town of Santa Clara del Cobre.  Here you will enjoy a copper demonstration, and some time to enjoy the main plaza.  From here, you will visit the workshop of award winning embroidery artist, Teofila Servin.  Head to Quiroga to feast at Los Molcajetes before visiting the pottery town of Capula, most famed for clay Catrina dolls.  From Capula, you can stop in Tzintzunzan on your return to Patzcuaro, if you would like to visit the famous convent with the oldest olive trees in the Americas.  If you prefer to continue shopping, you may simply enjoy browsing through the mart market here.


Casa Encantada

Meals Included:


Day Seven:

If you would like to tour more of the Patzcuaro region, please let us know in advance.  There are several other areas to visit, including the Mezcal town of Villa Madero and Pueblo Magico of Tacambaro, or if you really love art, you could travel further to include Ocumicho and Patambam in your journey.  This tour can easily include Lake Camecuaro, which has crystal clear water and row-boats you can rent.  Another tour could include visiting the Island of Janitzio, then driving around Lake Patzcuaro to see the more rural towns around the back of the lake.  This area is rarely visited by tourists, though we are working to learn more about this area of the lake.  Tocuaro is where the mask makers live, and you could visit Erongaricuaro, a beautiful art haven once frequented by Frida and Diego.  The scenery around the back of the lake is gorgeous - and will bring you to Santa Fe de Laguna.  There are many options for another tour in this area. 


Casa Encantada B&B

Meals Included:


Day Eight:

This morning, your hotel will arrange a taxi for your return to Uruapan.  The cost for a taxi to the bus station is approximately 600 Pesos.  If you would like to visit the archaeological site of Tingambato, your guide can also take you to Uruapan from Patzcuaro and include a stop here for $1500 Pesos. 


Please Note:  We will ask your guide to help you book your bus ticket in advance, so you know what time your bus is leaving. 



Meals Included:


Explore With Us


To book your tour with Soul of Mexico Tours, please contact us directly at to reserve your seat.  We require a 50% deposit to confirm your reservation, with balance due in Mexican Pesos upon your arrival.  We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, and Paypal.

We do not charge booking fees unless you cancel your reservation.  This is in reference to the 3% processing fee we are charged for credit card processing.

Tours that are cancelled prior to three months before departure will be fully refunded, minus the 3% credit card processing fee.  

Deposits for tours that are cancelled within three months of departure will not be refunded.  This policy is due to reservations and rentals for transportation.

In the event that your plane is delayed due to inclement weather, we will make arrangements to accommodate you accordingly.

Photo Gallery

Please enjoy browsing through our photo gallery.  All photos in this gallery reflect this tour itinerary, though we cannot guarantee weather, random subjects or crowd volumes.  Please contact us if you have any questions!  

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