July 4-6, 2022


Starts & Ends: Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

Group Size:  5 Maximum
Age Group:  Adult

Price based on solo accommodations

2 Nights   - Uruapan (Included)


$16,000 Pesos per person with  2 Guests

$12, 000 Pesos per person with 3 Guests
$10,000 Pesos per person with 4 Guests

$9,000 Pesos per person with 5 Guests

For US Currency, divide by 20 for an approximate conversion.  For Canadian Currency, divide by 15 for an approximate conversion.

Price includes full transportation return, from Patzcuaro and the Meseta.  Hotels in Uruapan are included, along with 2 meals (lunch) with local families.  Tips for your guides are customary and appreciated.



Visit an incredible region of Mexico that is largely unknown, to visit the regional art studios of many indigenous artisans.  There are a variety of weaving styles, ceramics, wood carvings, and an enchanting rural region with open fields, pine forests, agricultural lands, villages and towns that are rarely visited by foreigners.  Pass through check-points of self-governed Cheran, and learn about the resistance that freed this community from the oppressive realities they faced until 2011.  Eat traditional P'urepecha cuisine with two families, try your hand at pressing tortillas, and witness artisans demonstrating their work.  This is a remarkable and unforgettable experience.


DAY ONE - Monday July 4, 2022


This morning we will depart Patzcuaro by 9:30 AM for the city of Uruapan.  One our way to the city, we will visit a number of fascinating villages and towns, including a wonderful church with a special altar, a mask-maker who is a master carver, and whose mask collection features antique pieces that have been danced, the resistance town of Cheran, where women dissented 11 years ago and rendered self-government for their town, and backstrap weavers who create exquisite rebozos in various styles.  We will see rebozos that look like woven lace, others that are solid and in vibrant colours with funky fringes, and others that are fringed with real feather plumes. 


DAY TWO - Tuesday July 5, 2022


This morning we will depart Uruapan on our second day tour of visiting exceptional textile weavers.  Our first stop will be the look-out point for Paricutin Volcano, and the short journey to the ruins of the church of San Juan Parangaricutiro, which was devoured by lava in the 1940's.  From there, we will visit a P'urepecha family of weavers in the village of Angahuan, where we will also have lunch and visit a church that features Mudejar Architecture and a rare altar.  The weavers will show you a variety of textiles, including warm rebozos made from natural homespun wool, and other rebozos and ponchos that are woven from cotton - all of which are made on backstrap looms using different techniques.  From Angahuan, we will head to two more villages boasting superb textiles - one with loom-woven ponchos that are wind-proof, and another where the artisans make intricate blouses and dresses using a tedious technique called Deshilados.    


DAY THREE - Wednesday July 6, 2022


This morning we will check out of our hotel and make our way to several ceramics studios.  The different style of ceramics in this area include the terracotta "cucuchas" that were made in pre-Hispanic times for storing water and grain, dishes that are beautifully decorated with colourful patterns including fish mermaids, birds, village scenes, flowers etc, a village where the locals fashion vessels that resemble pineapples, as well as candelabras, donkeys, pigs and people, and a studio of whimsical, irreverent sculptures that feature Christian stories (The Last Supper & Nativity Scenes), and also include hysterical depictions of the devil, as the devil is a feature of Christian celebrations here in Mexico.


We will return to Patzuaro around 6 PM, on time for dinner