October 30 - November 2, 2022
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October 29 - November 2, 2022

Designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in November 2003, Dia de Muertos is a special and significant time to visit the Lake Patzcuaro region of Michoacan. Join us for one of our enchanting explorations of this sacred observation, and enjoy an experience that is culturally enriching, life changing and presented with ethical protocols in place. We do not announce our route for Noche de Muertos, as we will transport you to portholes far from the buses and crowds, and into an authentic and intimate experience that is only made possible through local invitations. You will embark on a mystical journey that includes a private boat ride on the legendary Lake Patzcuaro, and return weary-eyed and tired, but with a spirit that is full of wealth.


Please contact us if you would like to book a private tour for your group, or continue reading to learn about this culturally curated experience.


PLEASE NOTE: For meal inclusions, a 15% service tip is included. Drinks & Drink Tips are separate. We do not include most of your meals, as we are unable to determine prices.


Please email Jennifer at info@soulofmexicotours.com



" Jen coordinated an interesting tour with an amazing guide, Jaime Balderas. Over 3 days we were able to visit crafts people in their home villages and studios and experience Day of the Dead vigils in several different locations, each one with a different emphasis in the way their loved ones were remembered."


Liz Parkinson


Patzcuaro, Michoacan Mexico
October 30 - November 2, 2022
Age Group:  Private
Group Size:  3
Morelia, Michoacan
Morelia DSC_0260.JPG


Hotel Location:  Morelia, Michoacan

Date:  Saturday October 29, 2022


Depart Zihuatanejo for the UNESCO designated city of Morelia, which is seated in the majestic highlands of Michoacan.  

It is very simple and inexpensive to catch a taxi from the bus station.  We will send you the address, and you prepay your ticket inside the station.


Bus Ride Separate

Taxi to Air B&B Separate

Air B&B Included

Capula DSC_0194.JPG


Hotel Location:  Morelia, Michoacan

Date:  Sunday October 30, 2022


This morning, enjoy breakfast and enjoy the centro of downtown Morelia.  After lunch, depart Morelia by 2 PM for the small village of Capula to visit the wonderful estate of Juan Torres. 


If you are interested in embroidery, please let us know ahead of time, so we can arrange your times accordingly.  Teofila Servin is along the way to Patzcuaro, and is a fabulous place to stop if you enjoy textiles and folk art.


From Patzcuaro, board a van destined for La Fiesta de Catrina Clandestina. 


La Fiesta de Catrina Clandestina - October 30, 2022



Party Location:  It's A Secret 

Date:  Sunday October 30, 2022



This evening, join us for a clandestina party at a fabulous, historic and secret location outside of Patzcuaro.  

Return transportation to Morelia is included, along with a special & seasonal welcome cocktail, 5 course tasting menu, live entertainment by Chris Sanchez Blues Band, and a chance to win one of 3 locally made door prizes.  Your guide will follow one of the vans to our hidden location, which gives you the opportunity to leave the party early if you get tired.

Vendors for our cash bar include artisan mezcal, artisan beer and Mexican wines. 


Transportation included

Welcome cocktail included / Other drinks separate

5 course tasting menu included

Live entertainment:  Chris Sanchez Blues Band

Appointment with Face Painter Optional

Air B&B Included


Spend the day exploring Morelia and resting, then depart for our Vigil del Angellitos by 4:00 PM.  (We recommend 90 minutes for the commute during Muertos, due to high traffic.)

Meet at Bistro Monarca in Patzcuaro by 5:30 PM.  Jaime will offer a visual presentation that explains many of the traditions we are about to experience, including insight into the roots of Dia de Muertos, different flowers that are significant, and an explanation of the special altars that are created during this observation.  Please bring a photo no larger than a 4x6 of a deceased loved one you would like to honour, as we are invited to participate in the altar.

At 8 PM, we will depart for a small village, where the locals are honouring the virgins and innocent children who have passed through.  Please bring $100 Pesos, as we will build two offrendas to bring to our host families.

Your guide will return you to Morelia from Cuanajo, which takes about 30 mins.


Transportation included

3 course menu included

Drinks + Drink Tips Separate

Please bring $100 MXN for our offrenda

Air B&B Included



Hotel Location:  Morelia, Michoacan

Date:  Tuesday November1, 2022


Depart Morelia at 2:30 PM for the Pueblo Magico of Tzintuntzan to witness the beginnings of this incredible celebration.  Explore the archaeological site, visit the convent and museum, and then head for the cemetery to witness a procession of offrendas being delivered by the families of those who are being honoured.  This is a loud and happy party that can also get emotional at times, so be prepared to experience something completely unforgettable and life-changing.  There is a wonderful restaurant in Tzintzuntzan called Las Yacatas, where you can also rest and have an appetizer and drink.

At 8 PM we will depart Patzcuaro for a most enchanting and unforgettable night which includes dinner with an indigenous family, small and intimate vigils in lesser-visited villages, and a private boat ride on Lake Patzcuaro with a few special surprises!  We do not announce our route for this part of our tour, as we work hard to keep it a secret!  We can tell you that our route is different from that of the main tour companies, and we will intersect with small crowds at only one location.


Transportation included

Dinner Included

Private boat ride included

Air B&B Included



Hotel Location:  Zihuatanejo, Michoacan

Date:  Wednesday November 2, 2022


After such a long day and early morning, we recommend sleeping in, and heading back to the beach on the 3 PM bus, which will get you into Zihuatanejo at around 8 PM.  Alternately ,you could opt for an early bus and try to sleep - or spend one last night, to make the most of your time.  Having a day to rest, relax and process is highly recommended, as the cemetery tour is quite a profound and transformative experience.


Air B&B is $1770 MXN (including tax)


Please consider a donation:  We will be hosted in one particular remote community where the locals put on a special event for us.  Please consider bringing a donation for their efforts.  The money donated will be used for community meals, and will be very much appreciated.  Suggested donation is $100 Pesos per person, though you are certainly welcome to offer more, depending on how much you enjoy this experience.  

Trick or Treat:  Local children now celebrate the tradition of trick-or-treat, and will ask for money or candies.  We realize some guests find this an appalling affront to the tradition of Dia de Muertos; however, their parents and families allow this - and culture is not static.  We are here to observe new traditions, which is as exciting for us, as getting candies is for the young children.  If you choose to carry pesos for the children, we can get 1 peso coins, as this is sufficient per child!  If you would like to hand out candies, please let us know and we can recommend a store.

Catrina Face:  Since the release of Pixar's Coco, guests have been painting their faces before heading out to the cemeteries.  If you have your face painted during the day, we ask you to remove face paint before boarding the van.  Though you will see a lot of nationals and tourists in Catrina-face on the night of Muertos, Catrina is not traditional among the local indigenous peoples, and could come across as very offensive.  It is one thing for a culture to evolve on its own, and another for outsiders to force influence on such changes.  You will see some indigenous children with face paint, but so far, this is not customary among teenagers, adults or elders.  We organize our Catrina Party so guests can enjoy the fun of a masquerade, without trampling indigenous traditions or causing unnecessary offence.

For your own comfort:  Weather can be inclement at this time of year, so please be prepared for rainy skies.  An umbrella is highly recommended, along with rain gear and a pair of sturdy boots.  Expect the cemeteries to be very slippery if it rains, a there will be a lot of mud.  Some light snacks and water bottle are nice to have.  As we will be on a boat for the latter part of the morning, we suggest leaving a small blanket/warm jacket and change of socks on the bus, for the ride back to Patzcuaro. 


Please email Jennifer at info@soulofmexicotours.com



Private Vehicle & Guide
Licensed National Guide
Logistics Manager / Coordinator
Noche de Muertos boat ride on Lake Patzcuaro is private
Lecture includes 3 Course Dinner
La Fiesta de Catrina Clandestina
Private Meal on Noche de Muertos



We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm your tour.  The full balance is due on September 29, 2022