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Party Details



Our 4th Annual Catrina Party was held at Hacienda Porumbo, in the municipality of Pichataro, near Erongaricuaro.  Guests were welcomed with a mezcal cocktail from Omar Alejandre Reyes of Mezcaleria San Miguel, and Samantha Lopez and staff of Santo Huacal created and served us a wonderful 5 course tasting menu.  Aldo and Bruno Palavicini of Cerveceria Meastra served their artisanal beer, and Luis Garcia of Vinicol Fundemanto was served his delicious wines!  We enjoyed live entertainment by Chris Sanchez Blues Band, a theatrical performance by Habitantes de las Alturas, and a grand finale by a local Patzcuaro MariachI Band.  Thanks to everyone who made this evening special!

La Fiesta de Catrinas Clandestina