Originally named Dolores, this small, colonial town is seated at an elevation of 6,480 feet above sea level. Dolores was made famous by Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (May 8, 1753 – July 30, 1811), as this was where the first call to arms took place, resulting in Mexico’s War of Independence. Known as The Cry of Dolores, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla will always be revered as the Father of Mexico – a cause he fought and died for. Subsequently, the town of Dolores was renamed to Dolores Hidalgo.


Among other things Father Hidalgo is remembered for, one is for igniting an industry that is still a main industry for this picturesque town. Talavera ceramic shops line the streets of Dolores Hidalgo, and has grown into an industry supplying shops in the United States and throughout Latin America. Many of the artisans in neighbouring states attain their natural dyes from suppliers in Dolores Hidalgo, perhaps due to this prolific output of ceramics requiring massive local supply of material.


Those who are family with or are fans of Ranchera music may also be surprised to know that Jose Alfredo Jimenez is buried in Dolores Hidalgo’s town cemetery. Jimenez was one of Mexico’s most celebrated and prolific, as a singer and songwriter of the Ranchera style.


Dolores Hidalgo was named a Pueblo Magico in 2002.




Location:  Dolores Hidalgo, Michoacn Mexico

Founded:  September 16, 1810

Population: 148,173  (2010 Census),

Altitude: 1980 Meters (6480 Feet)

Climate:  Warm & Temperate

Known For:  Cry of Dolores, Ice Cream, Talavera Tiles


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