Though sometimes berated for being a tourist-trap, the Pueblos Magicos of Creel is in many ways, the cradle of the El Chepe Railroad, given the fact that it was the final stop of the Chihuahua al Pacifico line for decades before it’s completion. Anyone who believes Creel to be nothing more than a tourist trap needs to spend more than a night or two in this endearing town. In fact, most who arrive in Creel only spend a day or two – but it is a hub for many fantastic outdoor adventures to be enjoyed beyond her village-borders – reaching far into the greater reaches of the canyons than most experience. Even better is the fact that the small town entertains guests with a night-life that includes decent restaurants, shops and the sound of the night-trains drifting by long past midnight.

Creel was founded on May 26, 1907 as a stopping-point for the Chihuahua Pacific line. Named after Enrique Creel, who was governor of Chihuahua at that time, Creel was originally slated as an agricultural settlement for Mexicans, who were expected to influence and essentially assimilate the indigenous Raramuri peoples. Interestingly, Creel was designated for 25 Mexican families to 75 Raramuri families, but only about 30 Raramuri families laid foundations in Creel. To this day, the Raramuri remain in small, communal settlements, rather than villages or towns.

Though Creel’s main economy was largely based on logging, today, most of the economy of this small village of approximately 5500 people relies on the ebb and flow of tourist traffic arriving by train.


Location:  Batopilas, Chihuahua Mexico

Founded:  May 26, 1907

Population: 5026 (2010 Census),

Altitude: 2345 Meters (7694 Feet)

Climate:  Warm & Temperate

Known For:  Pueblo Magico of Chihuahua State.  Train Stop for El Chepe Railroad.  



Creel is one of the major stops along El Chepe train route - and is a fabulous jumping off spot for many places in the region - including Cusarare Waterfall, Basaseachi Waterfall, and the Valley of Frogs.

Custom Tours can include anywhere in the Copper Canyon and beyond.  If you have an extended amount of time, we strongly recommend visiting Paquime and Mata Ortiz in the desert, as well as Cuarenta Casas in Huapoca Canyon.  We can arrange a fully or partially guided tour for you, your friends and family.




NOV 27 - DEC 9, 2019

Travel beyond El Chepe Train & the Copper Canyon to the Mogollon treasures of Chihuahua!


$54000 MX


APRIL 2020

Information TBA





DEC 2020 - JAN, 2021

TBA - A partially self-guided tour custom designed for a couple who are interested in spending one week in the canyons.



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