“If you think travel is dangerous, try routine; it's lethal.”
—Paulo Coelho


Step out of the Taxi - and into Local Life.


Our Combi Orientation tours are designed to help long-term visitors and expats in the Morelia/Lake Patzcuaro Region with the local transportation system.  Rather than having to hire a taxi for your general errands, the combi system can get you around quite easily for a fraction of the cost.  It is a local experience that puts you in touch with your new-found community, and it is cost and energy efficient.  Your guide will create a tour based on your interests and requests - including specialty shops you may not know about.  This is a great way to get oriented to your new home.


Your tour begins at your residence, so you learn the system from your own starting point.  The tour price is based on an 8 hour tour for 2 guests.  Please add an additional $300 Pesos per extra guest, up to a maximum of 5 guests per tour.  If you want to extend your tour to include dinner while you are out, your guide will charge $150 MX per hour extra.
This tour does not include the cost of the combi vans for you or your guide, as each orientation tour will vary, depending on where you want to go.  We will confirm your price once we know your route, and whether you are traveling solo, or as a couple..
Your guide is fluent in Spanish and English.  This can be a great way to practice your Spanish.
Meals are not included.  We ask you to meal(s) for your guide.
Your activities are unlimited - so just let us know where you want to go.  You may want to learn the routes to Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, Los Americas shopping centre - or perhaps you are interested in taking local transport to the art villages around the Lake Patzcuaro region.  The sky is limited only to your imagination.


Tour Price: $1,500 MX Per Couple

                   $300  MX for additional guests (Maximum 5)

If you would like to extend your tour to include dinner with an evening return, please add $150 MX per hour.

Travels on Public Transport!

  • Learn how to use public transport with your residence as the starting point

  • Choose from a number of possibilities, including errand stops or fascinating villages

  • Travel with the locals

Travel Like the Locals

  • Combi vans can get very crowded, depending on the route and time of day.
  • Elders have priority seating - meaning if you are young and in good shape, please stand and allow the elder to sit down.
  • Please be vigilant with your purse/bag - especially when the bus is crowded.
  • Enjoy the sense of community, where young and old people alike say hello to one another, make idle chit-chat, and say thank you to the driver when they depart.

You probably love Mexico as much as we do!

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