Juan Torres - La Catrina - Capula, Micho




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State:  Michoacan, Mexico
Location:  Western Michoacan / P'urepecha Plateau
Founded:  1500's by Don Vasco Quiroga
Economy:  Pottery Dishes & Catrina Dolls
Name:  Capula means "Place of the Capulines"
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The charming village of Capula is famed for their beautiful pottery dishes, which are seen in restaurants all over Mexico.  Recognized by their dot-flower designs on pottery, artists in Capula have long since departed from the traditional terracotta pieces to dishes painted in vibrant colours of turquoise, yellow, red, purple, blue and green.  For those who enjoy cooking in cazuela's, Capula has an incredible selection, from inexpensive pieces cured using traditional methods, and other pieces that are fired in high-temperature kilns.


It wasn't until more recently, Capula became known for clay Catrina dolls, which were brought into three dimensional form here in 1982 in the studio of Maestro Juan Torres.  Since then, artists in Capula have been creating Catrina's, and Capula has become known as the Catrina Town.  For the past few year, Capula has hosted an annual La Catrina Festival, which commences around October 22 of each year.  The streets fill with locals dressed as Catrina, and a large art and food market is set-up for the duration of Dia de Muertos celebrations, ending on November 3.


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