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Bistro Monarca

OCTOBER 31, 2022

Altars & Marigolds

Join Don Jaime Hernandez Balderas & Soul of Mexico Tours at Bistro Monarca Restaurant on Monday October 31, 2022 to learn interesting insights into the symbolism behind Dia de Muertos.   Lecture Starts at 6 PM / Dinner to Follow


  • An elegant 3 Course Menu (Pre-ordered with 2 options for Main Course)

  • Lecture and Visual Presentation by Don Jaime Hernandez Balderas

  • Price includes service tip - Drinks & Drink Tips are separate

  • Explanation of the Dia de Muertos Altar includes participation

Please bring a 4x6 (or smaller) photo of a deceased loved one, to leave on the Altar over Dia de Muertos.  You may also purchase a spirit (mezcal, tequila etc) to leave there for the duration of the holiday.  Please note:  You may not get your photo back, so please do not bring originals for the altar.


Monday October 31, 2022


We are pleased to offer this fascinating evening once again, with special guest Don Jaime Hernandez Balderas.  Don Jaime's presentation is a visual piece complete with photographs and a wonderful explanation of Dia de Muertos, from the pre-Columbian traditions that are known about, modern influences, and insights into the flowers, symbols and various traditions we are about to experience over the coming days.


Don Jaime is a Licensed National Guide who was born and raised in Patzcuaro, and has spent his life passionately researching the local history of his indigenous ancestors, learning the P'urepecha language to relate with the elders, and better understand the cultural context of words and their meanings.  A very high-in-demand guide, this is an opportunity for locals and foreigners to spend time with Don Jaime, to ask questions, process and leave with a rounded and richer understanding about this intriguing time of year.


Bistro Monarca Restaurant will provide us with a pre-order menu that includes a meat, fish and vegetarian option for the main course.  We will start with a comforting soup, and conclude with a lovely dessert.  This menu will be comprised of seasonal ingredients to compliment the lecture content.



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