"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." – Isaac Newton


Jaime Balderas


We are so pleased to have the honor of working with Jaime Balderas of Animecha Tours, as his passion and knowledge is as deeply rooted as is his graceful ability to impart his fascinating knowledge.  Fluent in English and P'urepecha, Jaime is a true historian and local expert on the indigenous peoples.  Please contact in advance to book with Jaime, as he is very hard to catch!  

Jennifer Bjarnason


Born on the west coast of Canada, Jennifer's background in art began as head-duster at her Amma & Afi's home, when she was 6.  Jennifer opened Copper Moon Gallery in 2004, which she continues to operate online.  With formal training in Classical Music & continued post-secondary courses in Music, Anthropology and First Nations Studies, Jennifer's life passions have influenced her approach to travel planning.

Gerardo Chavez


Located in Morelia, Michoacan, Gerardo Chavez of Imagine Arts has been guiding tours as a National Guide for over 9 years.  He works predominantly in the Lake Patzcuaro and Butterfly reserves, but also guides groups to Puebla, Mexico City, Zacatecas, Guanajuato and Queretaro.  Gerardo is a free-lance guide who works for tourism agencies, Casona Rosa B&B and Soul of Mexico Tours.  Jennifer met Gerardo in 2016 through her work at Casona Rosa B&B.

Galy Guitierrez


Galy studied Culture and Arts Management at the Universidad de Guanajuato. in 2015 she embarked on a student exchange in Paris and now lives in Morelia. She currently works on independent photo, video and animation projects. She's passionate about traveling, music, languages and crafts.  Galy and Jennifer met through mutual friend & Uruapan installation artist, Jesus Alexandre.

Dr. Pablo Jaramillo


Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez is originally from Ecuador, completed his PHD in Canada, and now resides in Morelia, Michoacan as a soil scientist and researcher.  Soul of Mexico Tours is honoured to be collaborating with Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez on select eco-science tours to the Monarch Colony of Sierra Chincua.  This is a rare opportunity to learn first hand from a research scientist, about this phenomenal migration.

Jose Luis


Jose Luis of Zihuatanejo has been a licensed professional guide since 1998.  Jose has led ample tours within Guerrero and Michoacan, and to Chiapas, Puebla, Oaxaca and El Bajio region.  Jennifer and Jose met in Zihuatanejo and immediately began planning a tour for Mexico's Silver Road.  We look forward to sharing this region with guests again in March 2020!  Meanwhile, if you are in Zihuatanejo, check out his kayaking, bird watching and nature tours.

Adrian Ceja Madrigal

Adrian Ceja Madrigal of Morelia is currently working on his PHD in Biology at the University of Morelia.  Adrian has worked for many years, monitoring bird populations in the states of Guerrero, Michoacan, and more recently down in Chiapas.   Adrian also accompanies guests to Natural World Wonder Paricutin Volcano, to share his expertise on the surrounding flora, fauna and of course, the history of Paricutin's eruption.

Oct. 24 - Nov. 4, 2020

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