"They constantly try to escape from the darkness outside and within by dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good. But the man that is will shadow the man that pretends to be"



Santa Clara del Cobre, Tzurumutaro, Sanabria, Tzintzuntzan  


  • Complimentary Covid Kit includes hand sanitizer, face mask, chap stick, kleenex, hand wipes & lysol wipes

  • Please carry your own reusable coffee/tea thermos to reduce waste.

  • We provide water so you can refill your water bottles.

  • We provide a cooler with ice if you would like beer or wine on the road.

  • Opt for a 700 ML handmade copper water bottle for $500 MXN

  • All art studios and site fees are included

  • Restaurant meals are separate

  • Please wear comfortable shoes,  bring an umbrella and dress in layers, as the climate can vary.


  • We understand tipping is not universal, but in Mexico, it is customary.  Please offer 15-20% to your waiters and guides.

Itinerary for Day Tour #1 

  • Depart Patzcuaro by 8:30 AM for Puebla Magico Santa Clara del Cobre; Arrive 9:00

    • Upon arriving in Santa Clara del Cobre, we will visit the Parish of the Immaculate Conception.  Built in the 17th Century, this Temple does not date back to the days of Quiroga, but is connected to Pueblo Hospital, which continues to this day here.

  • Depart Santa Clara del Cobre at 11:30 for Rancho la Mesa restaurant for Lunch

    • Rancho la Mesa is an open-air restaurant with stunning views of Lake Patzcuaro and the Island of Janitzio.​

  • Depart Rancho la Mesa at 1:00 for Tzurumutaro to taste Mezcals; Arrive 1:30 PM

    • A short stop, this small tasting room carries a variety of Michoacan mezcals, including creme mezcals made from pine, coconut and macadamia nuts.​

  • Depart Tzurumutaro by 2:15 for Teofila Servin Studio in Sanabria; Arrive 2:30 PM

    • Teofila Servin is an internationally recognized embroidery artist from the Municipality of Tzintzuntzan.  Her studio includes work from many of her family members.​

  • Depart Teofila Servin Studio no later than 3:15 PM for Tzintzuntzan; Arrive 3:30 PM

    • Visit the Ancient P'urepecha Capital of Tzintzuntzan, which means "Place of Hummingbirds," before heading to the famous San Francisco de Tzintzuntzan Convent.  There is also a large market here, which we recommend exploring prior to the convent, as it generally closes earlier.​

  • Dinner at Las Yacatas, Tzintzuntzan at 6:00 PM

    • Las Yacatas is a gorgeous restaurant with an easy menu and stunning views of the ancient Yacatas at the archaeological site.​

  • Depart Tzintzuntzan at 7:15 PM for Patzcuaro; Arrive by 8:00 PM

Please Note:  We allow free time in Santa Clara del Cobre and Tzintzutzan so guests can explore at their own leisure.  We ask guests to please respect our departure and reservation times, as it helps keep our schedule fluid.


Copperlife Atesanias

Don Vasco Quiroga

Napoleon Perez Pamatz

Carlos Pureco

Santa Clara del Cobre

Teofila Servin



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