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1 Guest:  $28,000

2 Guests:  $16,000

3 Guests:  $14,000

4 Guests:  $12,000

Dates:  October 29-November 2, 2022

Group Size:  4 Maximum

Age Group:  All Ages

We can create a private tour for your family or group.  Please contact us for more information.


Dia de Muertos 2022

Dia de Muertos is a rich celebration of life that has been observed by indigenous cultures in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times.  Our journey begins in the enchanting P'urepecha Meseta, where guests will be introduced to the most traditional of P'urepecha territory in Michoacan.  Largely unvisited by foreign or local tourists, this region is awe-inspiring and special to visit.  We will stop in several villages, each specializing in various handicrafts including textiles, ceramics and wood carving.  From the P'urepecha Platueau, we will stay in Patzcuaro, enjoying a traditional cooking class, making handicrafts in an authentic village, touring the area to learn about the history, and of course, spending two nights celebrating Dia de Muertos in the Lake Patzcuaro region.  This is an enchanting experience, and one we hope you will remember for eternity!  


The P'urepecha Plateau is a rich agricultural region of Michoacan's highlands, irrigated by the Lerma River, which is Mexico's second longest.  Located in western-central Mexico at the southwestern seat of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt, the P'urepecha Meseta of Michoacan has a temperate climate and altitude extending over 12,000 feet.  Spanish colonial and P'urepecha architecture with ancient cobblestone streets, set against the backdrop of the powerful Sierra Madre del Sur and pine forests makes this a picturesque landscape that will transport you back in time.

Our tour begins and ends in Patzcuaro Michoacan, giving guests the option of travelling by private driver or bus from/to many nearby locations such as Guadalajara, Zihuatanejo, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato City or Queretaro.  Morelia also has an international airport, so departure flights are an option there. 


Please contact us to discuss your plans, so we can offer assistance.

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Hotel Locations

5 Nights - Patzcuaro, Michoacan:  October 29-November 3, 2022


Destinations, Activities & Parties


Day One:  Saturday October 29, 2022

Hotel Location: Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Arrive in Patzcuaro this afternoon and relax before heading to the Altar Party at 7 PM. We will be sending guests a set menu with options for the main course. Local cultural expert and historian Jaime Balderas of Animecha Tours will offer an educational presentation about Dia de Muertos, and an explanation about the altar. All guests are invited to bring a photo of a loved one to place on the altar. The photo should be no larger than 4x6, so we have room for everyone who wants to participate. (Photos may be framed for easy display) These can be picked up at our Brunch on November 2.


Day Two:  Sunday October 30, 2022

Hotel Location: Patzcuaro, Michoacan

This morning, depart Patzcuaro at 10 AM for the small town of Capula. Here you will visit the studio and estate of esteemed maestro Juan Torres, and the art market. Depart Capula for Santa Fe de la Laguna. From there, head to Hacienda Oponguio to tour a distillery and sample locally grown mezcal. Las stop is at the intriguing and controversial Temple of Santa Muerte, before returning to Patzcuaro to rest.


Day Three:  Monday October 31, 2022

Hotel Location: Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Enjoy a free day to explore Patzcuaro on your own. There will be a large art market in Plaza Grande, and fantastic food at the market in Plaza Chica. If you would like a walking tour, please let us know ahead of time so we can make arrangements. This evening, we will meet at Santo Huacal at 5 PM for a lovely dinner. We depart Patzcuaro at 8 PM for a small village, where we will witness the vigil for the innocent little angels. This is the beginning of the celebration of Dia de Muertos, when families remember the children and virgins who have died. Please bring around $100 Pesos each, to purchase flours and fruit for the families (we will assist the guests with this).


Day Four:  November 1, 2022

Hotel Location: Patzcuaro, Michoacan

This morning we will depart Patzcuaro at 11 AM for the Pueblo Magico of Tzintzuntzan. We will first visit the museum and Ex-Convent before having time to witness the procession of altars into the cemetery. We will depart Tzintzuntzan at 3 PM for Patzcuaro to rest. At 8 PM, we will depart Patzcuaro for your Noche de Muertos tour. We are not disclosing our tour for this evening, as we work hard to avoid mass crowds. Please pack a comfort bag, dress in layers, and bring light rain gear and an umbrella. Guests should xpect to be out until 4 AM. As the vigils in the cemeteries start at midnight, this is an overnight observation and one that gets better, the later it is.

Please Note: We are visiting very traditional areas of the Lake Patzcuaro region. We do not permit guests to board the boat if you are drinking, or wearing face paint and costumes. We will have a special toast during our tour, but ask guests to refrain from drinking to excess.


Day Five:  November 2, 2022

Hotel Location: Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Having been out until the early hours of morning, our last event is a special brunch that starts at 11:30 AM. The restaurant will have special beverages on offer, for those who would like to celebrate the end of our tour with a caesar, mimosa, Italian coffee, etc. Enjoy the rest of the day relaxing and processing everything you have just witnessed.


Day Six:  November 3, 2022

Hotel Location: N/A

This morning, we will help guests with their departures. Some of you may be heading back to Guadalajara, while others may be able to fly home from Morelia. Some guests may be heading to the beach or Guanajuato State via bus – or Mexico City. Once you have your tour confirmed, please discuss your flight plans with us so we can guarantee getting you to your departing flight on time. (For example, it takes about 6 hours to reach Mexico City from Patzcuaro, and you must check in 3 hours ahead of time.)

We hope you enjoy this intimate and mystical observation, and will leave Michoacan with renewed insights about life and the wonderful celebration it can be.


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Is this Tour for You?

Our Dia de Muertos experience is a fun, exciting, educational pursuit to introduce you to many facets of this cultural celebration through hands-on activities.  Local expert Jaime Balderas will lead you through important villages and art studios of the P'urepecha Plateau, and will translate for our cooking class while elaborating on the historical and cultural significance of these special activities.    

Aside from select meals, the majority of your meals are not included in the tour price.  We prefer guests to have the option of setting their own budget, and meals can vary from $120 -$500 MXN, depending on what you are ordering.  As the majority of your meals are not included in the tour price, you are free to explore the restaurant scene on your own.  That said, one of your team leaders will always welcome you to join them at a set location.


This experience is a combination of busy and relaxed days, with some free days that allow guests to unwind and explore on your own, or book optional tours. 


Respect Local Customs

Our tour includes some educational perspectives on religion in Mexican society, as it is an integral part of the culture, and has influenced Dia de Muertos traditions.  We ask guests to refrain from political or religious debates while in group, and to keep an open-mind.

Please respect our departure times, so our schedule remains fluid.  We ask guests to switch up the seating arrangements in the van, so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy a window view.  

Please respect the locals, and remember we are visitors here.  Acknowledging sales-people, and asking permission before taking photographs is a sign of respect.

​COVID-19 UPDATE:  Out of respect for the local Mexicans and all of our guests, proof of Covid-19 Vaccination is required for our tours.  Thank you for your cooperation.  We will take everyone's temperature before boarding the van in the AM.  All guests and team members are expected to use hand sanitizer upon entering the vehicle, and wear a face mask over mouth & nose for the duration of our tours and events.  These health protocols are subject to changes.

P'urepecha Women - Dia de Muertos
Jaime Balderas.jpg



Jaime Balderas was born and raised in the Lake Patzcuaro region of Michoacan, has been a guide for over 18 years and is the proud owner of Animecha Tours.  Jaime completed the accredited tour guide training course offered by the SECTUR of the state of Michoacan, and is constantly updating his education through history courses, tourism seminars, and personal research.  Jaime is a member of Toastmasters International, which has allowed him to improve his communication skills to provide guests with an enriched understanding about the local culture, history, architecture, art forms, cuisine, archaeology and important cultural protocols.  Fluent in Spanish, English and proficient in the P'urepecha language, experiencing the Lake Patzcuaro region of Michoacan with Jaime Balderas is an educational experience you won't soon forget.  We are truly pleased to be working with Jaime for this Dia de Muertos experience, due to his thorough research, ease of engaging academic perspectives in an easy-to-understand communication style and his ethical approaches to cultural sensitivity.

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With a background as a sales person and dealer of Indigenous art for over 30 years in Canada, Jennifer Bjarnason has been exploring Mexico for many years, and is a resident of Michoacan.  With a passion for indigenous and cultural art forms, she was first hired as an assistant and tour coordinator at Casona Rosa B&B in Morelia, where she began organizing art and butterfly tours for guests of the hotel.  With a passion for indigenous narratives, cultural art, history, nature and travel, Jennifer coordinates scientist-led eco-fundraisers for Monarch Butterfly Research, art-collection tours in the Lake Patzcuaro region, workshops with artists in authentic villages, Dia de Muertos experiences in Michoacan and an extensive exploration of La Ruta de Plata - or The Silver Road, which was a major intercontinental trade route of international importance.  Jennifer first met Jaime Balderas in 2015 on her first trip to Patzcuaro, and is very pleased to be working with such an esteemed and passionate historian for this Dia de Muertos experience.  She looks forward to meeting you!

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& Exclusions

Accommodations are separate, but we will assist you


All Meals are separate with the exception of:

La Fiesta de las Catrinas Clandestina

Lunch during Art Workshops

Lunch during cooking class
Altar Party with Presentation

Santo Huacal

It's 5:00 Somewhere Brunch

All Beverages & Tips are separate



Private Transport Included

Private Boat Ride on Lake Patzcuaro Included


P'urepecha Capital of Tzintzuntzan



Dia de Muertos Celebration

Michoacan Cuisine



La Clandestina Fiesta de las Catrinas

Altar Party & Presentation



Cooking Class with P'urepecha Cooks

La Catrina Art Class in Capula

Copper Workshop in Santa Clara del Cobre

Milagro Workshop in Patzcuaro


Night Vigil for the Souls of the Innocents

Overnight Cemetery Visits 


Night arrivals may like to opt for a beautiful welcome basket,

so you can enjoy a picnic, wine or beer upon arrival.  If your flight is arriving after 8 PM, consider this comforting option.  Your driver will bring it to the airport or bus station, and you can return the wares at your convenience.

Picnic baskets include a spreadable and hard cheese, crackers, salami, olive tapenade, nuts, and jelly.  We provide you with glasses, plates, small bowls, cutlery, a cork screw and napkins.

If you would like local wine, beer or mezcal, we ask for two weeks advance notice to put in an order.  We will send you a list of what we have available!


If you would like to book any appointments while you are here, we can arrange for some self-pampering for you.  Please contact us in advance to ensure we can get you an appointment.


Services Available include:




Eyelash Extensions


Need something else?  Just email us with your request!



We require a 20% non-refundable deposit to confirm your reservation.

Full payment is due by September 1, 2022


Cancellations made after September 1, 2022 are non-refundable.

You may transfer your tour to a friend or family member at your own discretion, so long as they are in the right age group for this tour.


We are not an insurance company.  Please make sure you read the fine print on your airline reservations, and purchase travel and medical insurance.



We highly recommend packing lightly, with a layered capsule wardrobe.  This time of year is the end of our rainy season, meaning nights can be cool, days warm, but with intermittent rain showers.  Keep this in mind when choosing your outfits.

We will do a substantial amount of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must.  If you are worried about packing too much, there are plenty of stores here where one can find anything you really need.


Compact Umbrella

Rain Boots

Light Rain Jacket

Small Back Pack

Extra Socks


We will be updating this soon, with more PDF files containing information about this tour