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Collect Art & Handicrafts.  Decorate your home in Mexico, or shop for your boutique gallery.  Explore culture, history and natural landscapes.  Brand your business with unique gifts that support artisans. Live from the heart! 


Welcome to our new home online!  Copper Moon Gallery celebrates 17 years of art sales on August 1, 2021 - and we are proud to have transitioned through a changing world to maintain our passion for supporting indigenous artists.  Soul of Mexico Tours officially opens on August 1, 2021 - and we are very excited about this venture.  Archaeology, history, culture, gastronomy, art??  We have you covered!  Join us for a multitude of endless festivals, routes, adventures and workshops!


Last, but not least - do you own or manage a business?  We would love to talk to you about our new branding options!  Purchase handmade products from Mexico, and have them branded with your name and logo!  Our concept is about reducing waste, and providing companies with ethical options and a product line that would best be described as a future artefact, rather than plastic garbage in a toxic wasteland.  We are currently building this end of our business, but already have a number of classy gifts ready for you to have branded.  Please contact us for more information!