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"Once the dust of Mexico settles on your heart, you can never go home again"

Neill James


During these times of Covid-19, we are working on a variety of tour options for small group bubbles starting in January 2021.  We got our start creating custom tours for couples and small groups, and we are eager to include you in the planning process for your own dream experience here.  Choose from a variety of options including nature, history, archaeology, and art studio tours.  Start your adventure in the highlands, and depart from one of Mexico's majestic beaches or fun beach towns, or stay in one place.  Mexico is a country with a little bit of everything - so the options here are endless.


Please browse through our tours below and discover magical Mexico!    


Join us for an extensive exploration of the P'urepecha Highlands along La Ruta Don Vasco!  This 11 Night / 12 Day tour can commence from Zihuatanejo, Guanajuato State, Lake Chapala region or Mexico City.  If you would like to start in one place and conclude your tour in a different location, we can arrange this for you.  

This tour includes artisan studios, art villages, historical sites, the ruins of the Church of San Juan Parangaricutiro, which was devoured by Paricutin Volcano, a boat ride on Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan's mezcal route, a cooking class, beautiful nature, walking tours, and a range of eating experiences from street markets to fine cuisine.  Please contact us with your group size and hotel budget preferences, so we can outline a price quote for you!


Few consider Mexico as a crossroads of the world, yet in ancient times, four major routes converged in Mexico City - paved with the riches of Mexico's silver mines.  This UNESCO protected journey is an extensive exploration of the southern El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (The Royal Inland Road).  The section we will explore is fondly called La Puerta del Camino Real - or The Door to the Royal Road.  This route converges with Mexico's La Ruta del Independencia, and most importantly acknowledges the indigenous groups who carved this trade route beneath their feet, long before the Spanish arrived, carrying turquoise, feathers, salt and other goods to their allies throughout central and northern Mexico. 


We are now accepting requests for our Monarch Butterfly Tours for the January/February 2021 season.  We are working with Dr. Pablo Jamarillo Lopez to organize eco-science fundraisers, which include a dinner presentation and scientist-led tour to the Sierra Chincua Biosphere.  

Please contact us directly for more information! 


Are you a mezcal lover?  It's a lifestyle in Mexico worth exploring!  Join us for mezcal tours from Lake Patzcuaro.  We offer tours to La Ruta del Mezcal in Etucuaro Villa Madero and to Oponguio.  

Please contact us directly for more information! 


Traverse the Sierra Tarahumara over a two week exploration of a series of incredible canyons that are most commonly referenced as the Copper Canyon.  This incredible adventure will introduce you to nature hikes to waterfalls, adventurous roads to write home about, wine made from grapes salvaged from exiled Jesuits, a breathtaking gondola ride, ziplines in exhilarating places, and a romantic ride through the Lands of the Raramuri, aboard El Chepe Regional Train.  We will climb to high altitudes for stunning views, and descend into the base of Urique and Batopilas Canyons to tropical weather, picnic on the earth's magnificent edge, and fly over Sinforosa Canyona in a Cessna Plane.  We are looking forward to getting back on the road once Covid is behind us - please contact us for more information!    


Due to Covid, we are awaiting clearance for travel to the state of Chihuahua, with probable dates in 2022.  This is a two week exploration of Mogollon Culture that includes a 5 day extensive workshop with Gloria Hernandez in the small but famous village, Mata Ortiz.  Learn the techniques reclaimed by Juan Quezada, from harvesting of clay to the firing and glazing of pots.  Visit 3 important Mogollon Archaeology sites of Paquime, Cueva de Olla, and Cuarenta Casas.  Stay in Casas Grandes, explore Huapoca Canyon, and enjoy the wonderous sites and museums of Chihuahua City.  This experience is routed through Mexico City, making it easy access for anyone worldwide.