An Eco-Science Experience

& Fundraiser

"Hope for the Monarchs"

Join Us Feb 21-22, 2020

Monarch Butterfly - Sierra Chincua Reser


We are a team of professionals who are passionate about travel, culture, art, history, science, and cuisine. Step off the bus, train or plane and into a vehicle with an experienced guide who will bypass the delays of self-guided travel for the magical local haunts unavailable to those on public transit.


Like a thoughtfully planned date, your experience with us may include a decadent picnic in a rural setting, a private dinner party with local musicians and fabulous cuisine, an art class in an authentic village with a traditional artist, an academic imparting researched and legitimate insights into select subjects, or an adventure into the heart of some of Mexico’s less frequented regions.


Whatever your passions are, we will custom design an experience for you to include a number of activities not found in guide books or travel forums, with a seamless schedule that can make the most of limited time.

March 10-25, 2020

Explore Mexico's Silver Road

You probably love Mexico as much as we do!
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